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Ukraine: Poland is ready to deliver tanks and small advances of Russian troops without Berlin’s consent

Poland warned on Monday that without Berlin’s approval, Berlin has “yet” decided to deliver German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine, where Russian forces continue to claim they are making little progress on the ground. The European Union has announced that it has allocated an additional 500 million euros for the supply of weapons to Kiev and 45 million euros for the training of military Ukrainians on the territory of the EU. issue of delivery of heavy tanks. So far absconding Chancellor Olaf Scholz came under increasing pressure on Monday after the head of diplomacy, Annalena Baerbock, announced a day earlier that Germany was ready to allow Warsaw to supply the armored vehicles. According to German law, a country with German military equipment must ask Berlin for a green light to transfer it to a third country. “We would like to have such an agreement, but this is a secondary question,” the Polish Prime Minister reacted on Monday. Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “Even if we don’t get their consent (from the Germans), we will give our tanks to Ukraine as part of a small coalition, including “if Germany is not part of it.” Poland is ready to send 14 Leopard. equipment is likely to have a significant effect on the Ukrainians in the face of the steam of Russian troops.- Indecision – “We need (. . .) several hundred” tanks, Ukrainian presidential chief of staff Andriy Yermaki, as the Russians attack in the east of Ukraine, especially in the east of Ukraine hit. Annalena Baerbock said on Sunday evening that Germany is ready to give permission. Poland will provide Leopards. olaf Scholz, an environmentalist who governs in a coalition with the Social Democrats and Liberals. However, “no questions have been asked yet” from Warsaw. He hasn’t decided yet.” Fear of military escalation with Moscow and Berlin’s reluctance to assume leadership in the West. camps, analysts say Germany is hesitant to send these weapons.- Russian artillery fire – Russian artillery fire killed a civilian in the village of Antonivka in southern Kherson province on Monday, its governor Yaroslav lamented. Yanushevich.Clashes with Kiev troops have intensified Denis Pushil, one of the main separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine, showed himself in the small town of Soledar, which Moscow claims it captured more than a week ago, confirming on Russian television on Monday that it had been “destroyed.” ” by fighting. For the Russian army, the capture of this city is a step towards encircling Bakhmut, which Moscow has been trying to capture since the summer and where the two camps have been engaged in a fierce battle. According to Mr. Pushily, the fighting there is “intensifying” and Russian soldiers are “advancing”. Ukraine has so far Soledar has not officially acknowledged its loss, claiming fighting continues in its western part. Again on Monday, the provincial administration reported “active fighting near Bakhmout and Soledar” without further details. Pro-Russian separatists also announced that they had captured two nearby villages in central Vorozhba, Krasnopolivka and Dvouretchie. According to Ukrainian regional authorities, the northern region of Sumy, where a residential building was “directly hit” and a railway line was damaged. again condemning Moscow on Monday took a new step by declaring itself a “friend” of Russia, and Estonia will in turn expel the Russian ambassador, a countermeasure following a similar decision taken hours earlier. In relation to Moscow’s Estonian ambassador, Russians and Westerners have repeatedly increased the expulsion of diplomats from the country. in recent years and after the Russians launched an offensive against Ukraine on February 24, 2022. However, this is the first time since the beginning of the war that ambassadors have been sent back to their countries.bur-mba /bds/ybl

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