ultraportable large format and light as a feather

With the Gram, LG stands out by offering a unique configuration: a machine equipped with a large screen, light, efficient and versatile and calibrated for mobile use.

Typically, 17-inch laptops are not that easy to carry. For good reason, often heavy and bulky, most of them look more like mobile workstations and large screens, but at home.

A paradigm that LG took on the wrong foot with the Gram, a high-performance machine equipped with a large diagonal and whose main quality is exceptional lightness for a machine of this size. But this is not his only wealth.

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Its advantages

LG as a feather

Despite the device’s 17-inch diagonal, the South Korean manufacturer managed to drastically limit its weight. At 1.3 kilograms and 1.78 cm thick, the LG laptop surprises with its lightness. Its attractive chassis is extremely sharp. A feature explained by the composition of the body made of magnesium alloy, a material with a density much lower than that of steel or aluminum in terms of equivalent resistance level.

The LG laptop showcases a quality finish.
The LG laptop showcases a quality finish. © Tech&Co

In use, we are always pleasantly surprised to be able to grasp a machine equipped with such a format easily and with one hand. An amazing sensation that persists even after several weeks of manipulation. In fact, thanks to the thinness of the plate minimized to further enlarge the borders, The LG Gram easily fits into a standard backpack, which is usually difficult for a machine with such a large diagonal.

The appearance of the gram may indicate that it is brittle. This is not so. Even though it’s ultra-light, you’ll always feel like you’re holding a solid and consistent object in your hand. In addition, the laptop is certified MIL-STD 810G, which standard ensures certain resistance to shocks, vibrations and even rain and dust. We’re just sorry that there’s an annoying tendency to keep fingerprints on the job. Therefore, the machine offers an excellent compromise between the comfort of a 17-inch screen and the ergonomics of a small 13-15-inch notebook. A unique positioning that has no equivalent in the market.

The LG Gram benefits from a sleek design.  One downside: its cover retains fingerprints.
The LG Gram benefits from a sleek design. One downside: its cover retains fingerprints. © Tech&Co

Another strong point of the LG laptop is its LCD screen. The contrast is well-calibrated, reasonably bright, exhibits good resolution, reproduces colors faithfully, and the anti-reflective coating ensures excellent readability both indoors and outdoors. Whether for work or entertainment (playing video games, watching movies…), its 16:10 format provides a very satisfactory comfort of use.

Honorable mentions

The Gram is powered by your choice of a 12th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. It is associated with an Intel Iris Xe graphics chip. The device has 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB or 1 TB SSD depending on the selected configuration. A fairly large configuration that allows it to demonstrate good performance and some versatility. Thanks to the presence of Swift, SSD, the LG laptop is equipped with quite impressive performance speed.

With the Gram, LG didn't prioritize power and ergonomics at the expense of autonomy.
With the Gram, LG didn’t prioritize power and ergonomics at the expense of autonomy. © Tech&Co

It’s very simple: after pressing the power button, the device starts working in the blink of an eye. A few seconds are enough to be on the main screen, and even if several tabs and applications are open at the same time, you should not regret any slowdown. This speed is highlighted by some nice features like having a fingerprint reader integrated into the power button, which is very useful for quickly unlocking the computer.

In addition, the LG Gram is capable of running the latest video games that do not require a lot of resources. Also note that this laptop is very quiet and hardly heats up.

The Gram has an excellent 17-inch screen.
The Gram has an excellent 17-inch screen. © Tech&Co

Satisfactory autonomy

In fact, we were able to use the Gram for a full workday of moderate use (Internet, multiple apps open at the same time, and screen brightness set to 50%) without charging, which is about ten hours. battery life.

A statistic that places him among the top students in his category. Otherwise, thanks to the fast charging system, 30 minutes is enough to provide 4 hours of autonomy. An undeniable advantage.

Its disadvantages

Limited resources for certain uses

While it can handle any daily office task with fluency, it’s not a power monster compared to other Gram-sized laptops.

Classic USB port, USB-C port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi: Gram has full connectivity.
Classic USB port, USB-C port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi: Gram has full connectivity. © Tech&Co

Video game enthusiasts, as well as those dedicated to photo or video editing, who are limited by the configuration of the LG laptop, may be disappointed. The Gram is mainly aimed at people looking for a machine with a wide screen and capable of handling office and multimedia tasks.

High price

It is not the most expensive in its category. But the LG Gram, priced between €1,299 and €1,999, isn’t for all budgets. It’s quite possible to find 17-inch machines for the equivalent price or less. However, none of them can offer such quality ergonomics.

Thanks to MIL-STD-810G certification, Gram is resistant to dust, low pressure and high temperatures.
Thanks to MIL-STD-810G certification, Gram is resistant to dust, low pressure and high temperatures. © Tech&Co

Average sound quality

The acoustic performance of the LG Gram is not the most efficient on the market. The sound produced by its two speakers is not clear: a slight crackle is heard when pushed all the way. To overcome this, it is recommended to use headphones or a speaker.

The result

With the Gram, LG keeps its promise: this model is quite light and compact for an object of this format. It is also equipped with a large comfortable screen with thin edges, satisfactory performance and autonomy without forgetting full connectivity (one HDMI port, two USB 3.2 ports and two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility). For all these reasons, its daily use is a real pleasure.

However, if you want to get it for more advanced use that requires a more powerful machine, you need to be prepared for some compromises. Otherwise, the Gram is a great machine, and has no equivalent today.

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