The car reminds of the year 2022. Ranking of brands and the biggest campaigns

In 2022, L’argus was able to obtain information on more than a hundred official recalls in France. But what brands have organized the most? And which of these campaigns reached the most cars? You can find out in this article.


Argus keeps track of the manufacturers with the most recalls and the biggest campaigns in France in 2022.


Do you need to take your car to the garage? It is difficult to find a motorist who is captivated by this prospect. But if you have to do it as part of a formal recall, don’t take it as bad news after you get a registered letter. This already means that even if your car is out of warranty for a long time, you will not have to pay anything. The manufacturer will pay for parts and labor in full. It will also often fix a bug that can put you in danger. Most of the well-established campaigns in Europe are indeed concerned with potential security issues. Finally, it can also indicate that the brand that makes your car is more transparent than average. Official recalls aren’t that popular anymore. They are often replaced by more discreet maintenance measures, which are carried out only during your visit to the workshop for regular maintenance. A solution that allows the producer to retain mail and avoid exposure to unsolicited media, while risking alienating network dropouts.

More or less transparent producers

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The Rappel Conso site now lists recalls in France, but provides rather incomplete information.


As often as possible, L’argus informs you of these “secret” interventions. The Stellantis group alone has more than ten for the three-cylinder 1.2 Puretech! However, our assessment of the day will only apply to official campaigns that have been notified to the authorities on the forms. You can find them on the Rapex website of Europe and its French counterpart, Rappel Conso. We are not satisfied with the information that you can easily find yourself. During the year, we also interviewed manufacturers for additional details. Most of them played the game. On the other hand, some did not want to talk about the number of copies called to the garage. This is true for the entire Volkswagen group and even Tesla. Hyundai was more vague, so we stopped contacting the Korean brand on these matters. To make this time-consuming task a little easier, we refrained from bothering our interlocutors when production times in France were very short or when models were sold in parts.

Mercedes is always very attentive

Therefore, our classification is necessarily partial. But it confirms what’s true beyond our borders: Mercedes is still responsible for the most recalls. The star-studded firm ran five more campaigns than second-placed Peugeot in France. and the Old Continent-wide gap is still widening. A difference partly explained by our choice to leave out uncommon models here, such as the S-Class, EQS or AMG GT. The third place is occupied by Toyota in France and Opel in Europe. All brands belonging to the former Stellantis group also tend to generate higher than average workshop returns, including the “little thumb” DS. The latter, despite its very small range, even ranks fourth in our number of houses. Quite a contrast to the old labels of the Fiat-Chrysler or Renault-Nissan alliance, which avoided sending registered mail. Thus, Diamond has only 3 official recalls in the European Union in 2022 against 7 in 2021, and its subsidiary Dacia has only one recall. As mentioned in the preamble, that doesn’t mean it’s all good news for owners…

Toyota’s biggest recall of the year

The biggest campaigns of 2022 are smaller than those of 2021. At least the campaigns for which we can obtain information on the number of copies in France. Nothing compares to the 220,000 1.2 Puretech cars recalled the previous year. This time, Toyota led the way, recalling more than 55,000 Yaris and C-HRs due to a possible pre-collision radar malfunction. Just behind we find another Japanese, Suzuki. 40,756 copies Swift, Baleno, Vitara or S-Cross should have checked the brake assist vacuum pump. Finally, Mercedes comes in third on the podium with a recall affecting a wide range of models from the C-Class through the G-Class to the S-Class. In total, 38,897 owners have been contacted. possible coolant leak. Among the 16 campaigns the German brand has organized in France in 2022, there are 7 that aim to build fewer than 20 cars.

Ranking the 10 biggest recalls of 2021

Position Mark Models Number of copies in France Reason
1 Toyota Yaris and C-HR 55,094 Pre-collision system
2 Suzuki Swift, Baleno, Vitara and S-Cross 40,756 Brake assist
3 mercedes C-Class, E-Class, E-Class Coupe, S-Class, CLS, GLC, GLE, GLS and G-Class 38,897 Coolant pump
4 mercedes ML, GL and R-Class 34,998 Braking system
5 Toyota Avensis 25,700 Takata airbags
6 Vauxhall Corsa, Astra and Insignia 24,525 NOx emissions
7 Renault Arcana 17,762 Directional assistance
8 Vauxhall Corsa 17,509 Turn signal
9 Peugeot 208 12,432 Fuel hose
10 Toyota competition 7,805 Hybrid system


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