“Point S wants to be a single access point for fleet maintenance”

Automotive and Business: What is the position of Point S in the BtoB market at the end of 2022?

Christophe Rollet: Point S is now a major player in company fleets, whether for private accounts or long-term rental companies. In 2022, we experienced a value increase of 36% in light vehicle fleets and more than 40% in industrial vehicles. Partly the price inflation, but also the change, above all, the acquisition of new national and regional accounts, made it possible to increase the weight of professional customers at point S. Thus, BtoB reaches 35% of our turnover. . Business clients need to network and have ongoing relationships with their professionals. To date, 640 sales points and the fact that real professionals are anchored in their places, sometimes even after several generations, make it possible to build reliable relationships for a long time.

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A&E: What will be your main growth areas for 2023?

CR: The first will be research and optimization of our key accounts. We have created a dedicated team that responds to calls for tenders, goes to events to meet clients and approaches companies to explain who we are. This year we will also be providing mechanical service on cars that are only serviced on tires today. This is a real demand from our customers, and we also have the ability to service a vehicle that is leased or purchased by the fleet. The offer will be strengthened by the Glass concept, already launched for light vehicles and repeated this year for industrial vehicles.

A&E: How will this proposal be structured?

CR: It’s too early to announce, but the goal is to provide the most services to cover almost all vehicle maintenance so that a fleet manager with many other priorities can focus on other tasks with the confidence of trusting his fleet. to a professional who will monitor it regularly. We do park management, we have digital tools that allow you to know where the park is, advise, recommend and deliver step by step. All this guarantees that the work is carried out by trained professionals at standardized and operational prices, as these are often framework contracts negotiated at the national level.

A&E: You talk about quality of service and standardized pricing. Have you created a charter?

CR: Starting this year, the implementation of our “quality of service” charter will force dealers to return certain quality equipment, train teams, and have a minimum amount of stock to quickly change a tire or part. of the vehicle that is the employee’s work tool.

A&E: Will there be additional on-site intervention services or even jockeys to monitor the vehicles?

CR: It will all depend on the size of the fleet, but we are already used to going into the territory for large fleets. It will not be a problem to continue. Knowing that we have also developed the concept of eco-mobility to offer modern and electric replacement solutions.

A&E: Companies are increasingly turning to hybrids and 100% electric. Are you ready to maintain these cars?

CR: Our ability to maintain them is an advantage for light vehicles, which we lead by training all our outlets on the hybrid. We are in the phase of acceleration in the electricity market, where half of the network is for battery repair, vehicle charging… In the industrial part, we are less developed, because the market itself is in recession. We remain very careful to be ahead of it and we will be among the first players in the French market, but also in Europe, to be able to repair electric vehicles, because S Point is only available in Europe, in 24 countries.

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