Point S brand targets 700 centers in France and 6,000 worldwide by 2023

In the context of stricter conditions for access to bank loans, Point S provides financial support to its members in establishing or acquiring a business. The network of car centers intends to open 60 new sites in 2023, increasing the number of locations in France to 700.

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In 2023, the Point S brand will introduce the windshield repair concept to transport players and trucks.

Point S

In 2022, the Point S car brand introduced the new S Ecomobility (bicycle, scooter) and Auto Sales concepts while continuing to develop its traditional network specializing in the storage and sale of tires. Last year, the group set up 18 Ecomobility centers (aiming to reach 100 by the end of 2023) and 12 for 0 km car sales (also targeting 100). This second concept, however, carried a slightly longer delay in ignition, the person responsible for the action was not protected.

The Point S network was enriched with 44 new centers in 2022 640 number of establishments in mainland France and abroad (18 centers in foreign departments and regions). “We didn’t regret leaving the grid in 2022, that’s a bit of pride” Christophe Rollet, general manager of Point S, declares. However, the sign has chosen to part ways with one of its members. “I didn’t play the game”.

600 million euros

  • In 2022, the turnover of the Point S network increased by 20% and exceeded 600 million euros.

A small conquest among the agents of Stellantis

The brand relies on a total of 400 active business leaders Sites ranging from €100,000 to €7 million. According to Christophe Rollet, times of crisis are not necessarily the most unfavorable times for recruiting members. Of the 44 new centers opened last year, less than 5% were opened by ex-agents of Stellantis networks. A rate that could rise in the coming months. Point S aims to be opportunistic, but has also structured itself to support business leaders.

60 new centers in 2023

Despite the tightening of conditions for obtaining bank loans for entrepreneurs for a year, the company intends to open 60 new centers in France in 2023, as stated by Christophe Rollet in his annual press briefing. That’s how he defined himself The goal of reaching the bar of 700 physical sites. “We are organized as a cooperative, in a closed circle, and we provide the necessary financing to support our members who want to start or buy a business.informs the manager. We also have staff who travel to commercial courts to learn about takedowns on our competitors’ networks. The typology of entrepreneurs joining us has hardly changed. They are mostly mechanics and workshop managers, as well as company directors. »

Three years ago, the brand established a structure called Point S Conseil to support its members. He trusts him on the field a team of six employees for network development.

World: 6,000 heading to the center and the Middle East

  • In the coming weeks, the Point S network should exceed 6,000 centers worldwide (at the end of January 2023, this number was 5,965). The French group operating in 50 countries and 5 continents started operating in Brazil, Macedonia, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Madagascar last year. In the coming months, it is due to announce its first establishments in the Middle East. In addition, the brand plans to strengthen its position abroad, especially with its first openings in Guyana, French Polynesia and New Caledonia. The brand aims to cover 100 countries with 10,000 sales points within five years.
  • 5,965 S Point centers worldwide
  • 3450 in Europe
  • 1242 in Asia
  • 1136 in North America
  • 135 in Africa
  • 2 in South America

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