Niger: EU donated 3 cars to CNDH and 3 cars to the Ministry of Justice

Niamey, January 25 (ANP) – As part of the cooperation between the European Union and Niger, the European Union Delegation in Niger officially handed over the keys of 3 documents to the national human rights commission (CNDH) this Wednesday, January 25, 2023. All-terrain station wagons and 3 other vehicles at the Ministry of Justice.

The president of the National Human Rights Commission, Mr. Maty El Hadji Moussa, led the reception, which was attended by the ambassador of the European Union to Niger, the vice-president of the CNDH, the state prosecutor and a number of other persons. other guests.

This European Union support in wagons is part of the overall support to the human rights and justice sectors in Niger.

While receiving the vehicles, the president of CNDH, Mr. Maty El haji Moussa, noted that “as for CNDH, it is faced with numerous appeals regarding human rights violations in a large country like Niger. , and given the poor state of the vehicle fleet, our facility is in greater need of strengthening its operational capabilities to ensure that it is in touch with facts and events, wherever they are needed, and that they are available regardless of their occurrence.

That is why, according to the president of CNDH, “the delegation of the European Union understands the important role played by our institution in promoting human rights and promoting participation in the protection of peace and social unity. Our country decided to answer our request with the gift of these three new vehicles.

This role, Mr. Maty Moussa continued, is even more important in the uncertain context that currently prevails in the Sahel and significantly affects Niger, because it deserves answers to basic security, humanitarian, socio-economic and cultural measures. the problems faced by our hardworking population who only aspire to live in peace in their lands.

The donation of three (3) all-terrain station wagons to the CNDH by the EU delegation in Niger, the President added, “is a significant contribution to the achievement of our mission in the implementation of our constitutional mandate”. .

According to the President of CNDH, bravely overcoming the most difficult terrain with these three (3) vehicles of great power, is a great relief for the members and leaders of CNDH who will have the right to be ‘even’. to be closer to the rural population to provide easier access to our services to better defend and protect their rights.

“I assure you that our institution will effectively use these material and technical means exclusively within the framework of human rights promotion and protection missions,” concluded the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission.

For her part, the head of the political, press and information department of the European Union delegation in Niger, Ms. Jamila Al Assaidi, said that “by making the cars available, the EU helps to respond to the needs clearly expressed by the CNDH.” and with means appropriate to their mobility to enable actors in the fight against terrorism and transnational organized crime to be on the ground, even for the most difficult and remote investigative, investigative and surveillance missions.

With the delivery of 3 cars to CNDH, Mrs. Jamila announced that “the support package for your enterprise is completed and strengthened: a grant for the implementation of actions included in our mission, technical assistance to accompany you. in your organizational development and technical capabilities and vehicles that strengthen your logistical capabilities”.

Addressing the president of the CNDH, the EU official noted that “this donation undoubtedly helps to strengthen your momentum to make the CNDH a national reference institution for human rights at the regional and international level, but beyond. to achieve concrete results in terms of protection and promotion of rights under conditions of complete independence.

”I would like to reassure you of the continuity and regularity of the European Union’s support to the state and people of Niger in the inevitable march towards establishing the rule of law based on rights. and the rule of law in all aspects” was concluded by Ms. Jamila from the representation of the European Union in Niger.

The EU is a strategic partner for Niger in terms of development aid and the fight against terrorism in the country.

AAM-NSB/AS/ANP 0133 January 2023

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