JamesOn Curry, NBA Jury

If you don’t like the NBA and North Carolina, there’s a good chance you’ll draw parallels with Michael Jordan. But true connoisseurs who haven’t discovered the NBA The Last Dance We can quote another basketball player who made this American state proud: James On Curry.

In 1986, the Curry family decided to expand the family. Parents don’t know what to name the newborn child. If the name Steph doesn’t cross their mind, they vacillate between James or Leon. This will lead to the legendary JamesOn contraction. A legend is born.

Very soon, the young basketball player JamesOn is the pride of North Carolina, where a certain Michael Jordan failed to shine during his university years. The parallel is all traced, we think in the Curry family. Indeed, JamesOn Curry is a true beast in college; while there, he averaged 40 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Even worse, he holds the North Carolina records for most points scored (47) and points scored (3,302) in a game, better than a certain … Michael Jordan. definitely.

A perfect introduction

From the age of 21, JamesOn was entered in the 2007 draft, famous for the No. 1 selection of clay-knee great Greg Oden. But the parallel with MJ emerges again. JamesOn is selected 51st overall by the Chicago Bulls. We cannot say that he feels a real interest on their side at the same time as this position.

But the playmaker does not give up hope. Curry pulls out all the stops for a buzzy NBA debut. And they must take place in the mythical hall of Madison Square Garden. Fairy tale. Yes, but now, as the Bulls fly to New York, Curry misses the flight. Blame it on his disastrous sense of direction that led him to get lost on the streets of Chicago.

It’s too much for the Bulls, who decided to part ways with JamesOn. His time in the NBA was such that he returned to Pau-Lacq-Orthez again in 2008 before joining the prestigious Cypriot league the following year. A single trajectory for a single player.

A comeback in 2010 and what a comeback!

Against all odds, Curry manages to sign a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Clippers in 2010. Of course, this contract smells like hay from the beginning. But James, we strongly believe it. Just three days after signing, the Clippers fly to Boston. And this time, Curry does not miss the flight check-in. But maybe he should have missed this time.

Because on January 25, 2010 TD Garden hall will go down in history. How do you ask when he’s already one of the most historic in the league? Simply because he would host the shortest NBA career of all time.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, only 3.9 seconds are left in the game. In a moment of complete irrationality, the Clippers coach Jameson Curry decides to put Curry on the court. A lifelong dream has finally come true. Almost four seconds into the game, Curry jumps in all directions. Then he returns to the chair and rings the bell.

“It was the fastest 4 seconds of my life!” J Curry

The Clippers lose the game 95-89. But the hardest part is yet to be absorbed by JamesOn. Oh no.

One Curry can hide another in the Hall of Fame

The next day, the Clippers decided to part ways with JamesOn Curry to sign Bobby Brown. The North Carolina resident was devastated by the news. But he does not know that his entry into the game a day earlier will go down in the history books.

Curry tried many times to return to the NBA, but these always ended in failure. Therefore he surrenders to the evidence; will never set foot on an NBA floor again. Even for a thousandth of a second. Floor scrubbing doesn’t match the Basketball Reference stats. If living in the present moment is difficult for JamesOn, he realizes something very quickly. Always wanting to go down in league history, he accomplished his mission. His legacy in the NBA goes down in history. Indeed, he became the NBA player with the shortest career in history from the top of the endless game at 3.9 seconds. His career was as long as rock-paper-scissors.

So there’s another mixed streak in Curry’s resume. Having the same average and cumulative stats: 0 points, 0 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 steals and 0 blocks in the NBA. A staggering stat line. Plus, JamesOn has a formidable weapon that few great players possess: self-mockery.

“If you think about it, I’m probably the highest paid player per second in NBA history!” J Curry


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