“I met people who fit my values,” says Olivier Constant

Sophisticated start to 2023

“With the exception of Landerneau, we had a tough recovery schedule where we faced big teams that fared better than us. It was difficult to revive (five defeats in six matches, editor’s note). The break has been good for the legs to break a little with this sequence of two matches in a week, but above all, it has disrupted our dynamic with three wins in a chain of convincing matches. We’re not back, but we’re not really moving forward on our side, not as fast as we’d like. Playing in the Euroleague is good, it’s great, but we don’t have enough time to prepare for the championship games. We need to find certain complements. »

Olivier Constant watched more than 500 matches last season.

Philippe Salvat / “South West”

Journey to Schio

“It is a team with an incredible coach (Georgios Dikaioulakos) with a very original style of play that is never easy to play. He does well with outside players like Howard or Mabrey who can make big differences. It’s never easy at Schio, but we go there with a desire to perform. This should serve as our advanced training. Despite our big defeat (58-78) in the first game against Schio, I was more impressed by Salamanca, and Mersin with their foreigners who can make the difference even if Schio is still part of the top teams. They have just lost their first league match but these are different competitions and they are not necessarily the same players on the pitch. »

“Sometimes when I move on to the next match, I step because of what is said about the upcoming match”

Role in Basket Landes

“I watch the games on video and pay particular attention to what the opponent’s offense has to offer. Then, I square off a certain amount of information about what the enemy might be facing us and relay that to Julie and Shona to decide on the defensive options we’ll make. I also look at the defenses they can use, give meaningful pictures and guide our offensive options. »

Here’s how it works

“The day after our game, I send information to the staff about our next opponent. Julie and Shona will have all my reports this Thursday, even if we mention St. Amand a little. In addition to the game-day huddle with the players, there are video submissions and brief briefings and “scouting reports” (statistical comparisons of players, editor’s note) documents that contain key information to remember. Generally, I look at three to four games from each team, depending on the profile of the opponents – whether they resemble our team or not – and our matchup in the first game. Mainly Euroleague matches and also the last league match which serves to prepare for the Euroleague. Sometimes I am left out because I am informed about the upcoming match even though I have already moved on to the next match. There is a lot of information and pictures, but when I go back to my documents, it comes back quickly (laughs). »

“The video is good, but not ten years. It hurts my eyes and I’m not too young anymore, I need glasses (laughs)”

Its extension until 2025

“I was already an assistant to the boys, but I discovered this role in the women’s championship and at another level. I’m also in charge of the physical training of the training center and I have quite specific missions, focusing less on basketball than I knew before. I got it and it’s very interesting. When I came here, I didn’t know the area at all, and I met people who matched my values ​​perfectly. And this is important. This extension until 2025 gives me and my family some visibility (his wife and three-and-a-half-year-old daughter joined him in Landes this summer, editor’s note) and for me, the family , It is very important . This allows for more peace of mind. »

Julie Barennes, Shona Thorburn and Olivier Constant extended their contracts until 2025 at the end of last season.

Julie Barennes, Shona Thorburn and Olivier Constant extended their contracts until 2025 at the end of last season.

Archive Filip Salvat/ “SOUTH WEST”

His medium-term ambitions

“I was more of a field person at first and this year – from May 2022 and until June 2023 – I’m going on a coaching training (through the French Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, editor’s note). at all levels (1). We work from the headquarters of the French Federation and visit the facilities of clubs such as Aswell, Real Madrid, Valencia or Strasbourg. The goal will be to return to the field more closely when I have the opportunity, which will allow me to connect the field and family. I don’t want to lose this concession and take action. I like to have a healthy environment where you can tell each other anything without having a head on your shoulder, without irrepressible conflicts, because I have already had delicate experiences.

The video is good, but not ten years (laughs). I watched over 500 games last year and it hurts my eyes. I’m not too young anymore and I need glasses (laughs). I’m a hands-on person and I sit on the couch all day watching videos – I like it because I’m curious by nature – it’s interesting for a while. But I don’t know many people who do this all their life (laughs). »

(1) Professional basketball coaching diploma (DEPB) and JEPS Higher State Diploma specializing in sports performance – basketball recording.

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