Handball: great wins by Agenais last weekend

Last weekend, Agen licensees shined on various floors. Overview of results.

As part of the bi-departmental championship, the U15 form of the Amicale Laïque d’Agen therefore moved to the shores of the Lot. Agenais allowed the hosts to open the scoring as a respectable opponent, but that would be the only concession they made. However, Villeneuvois made his intentions clear and was not there to string the pearls. And they start this meeting with great determination. Unfortunately for them, Agenais completely blocks offensive moves, especially pivot connections thanks to the existing defense.

Gastronomic match

When a fault opens, the goalkeeper of “red-black” Nasym Nafati rushes to close the violations. With patience, friends boil their victory. Mastering all the components of the winning recipe, active defense, recovery of the ball, effective and collective attack. They lead 3-12 after 15 minutes and despite a heat stroke in the last 5 minutes of the first movement, they maintain a comfortable 7-goal lead when they return to the dressing room.

Simple instructions for second service. Control the right flank better, keep the pressure on the defense and improve the attacking balls. It’s not because we don’t dare that things are hard, but because we don’t dare. And all the Agenians ventured in this second act to please their coaches, who knew that no sowing is reaped and the harvest is good. The work of the last months ensured the complete control of the opposing team.

Treaty of Villeneveuve/Canon 20 – Agen 32

For Agen : Nafati Nassim (GB 20 saves), Lesieur Timeo (1 goal), Destruel-Lamette Clément (2 goals), Philippe Clément (6 goals), Guillot Sacha (6 goals), Kong Paul (6 goals), Poirée Thomas (3 arm). goal), Poloni Alexis (captain, 4 goals), Sénégas Léon (1 goal), Vigneri Grandval Lenny (2 goals), Lagu Simon, Pascual Martin (1 goal). Coaches: Mark Fonteyne, Martinelli Guillaume, Filippi Virgile

Victory in the Dordogne

Agenais U18 completed a long journey through the Périgord forest to reach Saint Aulaye on the Charente border. Management decides to make some changes to highlight certain players to start the game. With the help of a well-stocked bench, teachers can field a second team to split the playing time against this poorly ranked team. After a favorable one-hour first quarter (6-11), the second team enters the game, maintaining the rhythm and dynamics of the game until the break. Here are some pointers to eliminate defensive lapses in the locker room, as well as adjust the kickoffs performed during practice.

The scenario for the second act is the same. 15 minutes of play for each team of the Nérac-Brax-Agen contract. In order to further repel the attacks of the opposing team, the visitors recover the counter-attack balls and are located at a distance of 9 meters. Attack dynamics will be provided by 20 additional goals. The whole group celebrates this victory. Yannis Chabrerie’s words: “Winning on the road is a good feeling. I am happy to have developed in this strong and close-knit group. I scored tonight after a nice counter pass from Julien. I’m satisfied with myself, but I still want to move forward and improve my efficiency. »

Saint-Aulaye 25 – Treaty of Nerac-Brax-Agen 42

MT : 13-22
For Entente Nérac Brax Agen: Cances Mathis (17 saves), Benne Louis (captain, 11 goals), Barbat Clément (5 goals), Aybram Julien (5 goals), Riou Mathis (1 goal), Gasse Jordan (1 goal), Gerard Louis (2 goals), Heusselin Antoine (5 goals), Blanchard David (2 goals), Haucourt Lucas (5 goals), Tharan Baptiste (4 goals), Chabrerie Yannis (1 goal). Head coach: Jerome Benne.

During the trip to Brax, Agenais U11 are afraid of the cold and have a hard time starting. The referee gives each team 1 yellow card with less than a minute left, but the visitors try and score a couple of tries to end the first half 8-4. Reds and blacks are gradually building offensive moves between them. Despite the timeout requested by each team and the coaches’ instructions (17-8), we essentially only see the game on one side of the field. In the third period, Braxois wakes up and uses bad passes to convert them into goals. Agenais do not let go and will score the last goal. The courage of our wounded Arthur is applauded.

Brax 13 – Agen 27

For Agen: Arestat Zanderman Samuel (3 goals), Benne Guilhem, Brie Erick, Catinaud Thomas (1 goal), Plantade Emery (13 goals), Plissard-Borie Arthur (10 goals), Gilard Robin, Gazeau Lidoine Raphaël, Rieubland Morgan, Berger Nolan, Laboulbene Paul, Uazzani Tom. Coach: Patrice Plantade and Jacques Vergnes.

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