Germany, France’s rival in the World Cup 1/4 finals, is deadlocked in the qualifiers

It’s only been seventeen months since the Tokyo Olympics duel (30-29 for the Blues in the group stage), but the French audience will no doubt struggle to recognize most of the faces in the team tonight from Germany.

Kiel star Hendrik Pekeler (31) is taking a long “break” with the Nationalmannschaft from Tokyo, citing the need to protect his body and spend time with his family. His colleague Patrick Wiencek retired from international duty at the same time at the age of 32.

Knorr is not participating in the Euros because he refuses to be vaccinated

Berlin right-back Fabian Wiede (28) has been ruled out of selection for this World Cup as he plans to undergo wisdom teeth surgery this month. An argument reminiscent of NBA stars’ improbable justifications for missing international basketball events (marriage, filming, etc.).

The team’s new star Juri Knorr (22) is there, but he missed the Euros last year because he refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Given the weight of the media and their taste for controversy, this resentment is probably more pronounced, but it is undeniable.

“It’s a shame that important, promising players refuse to participate. Therefore, our last competitions did not take place under a lucky star. (12th at the 2021 World Cup, 6th at the Tokyo Olympics, 7th at Euro 2022). It is up to each player to make individual decisions. But he must also accept that the team cannot rely on him.”He beat goalkeeper Andreas Wolff (31) on the eve of the World Cup Die Welt.

“This would never happen to us”

Christian Schwarzer, former German pivot world champion 2007

Steffen Weinhold and Fabian Wiede at the 2019 World Cup in Germany. The former retired from international duty and the latter underwent dental surgery this month. (S. Mantey/Team)

The workload is particularly heavy in the Bundesliga, where players play 34 Championship days (4 more than in France) and there is nothing but tough and very physical matches. Coach Gislason wants to hear it. “But there are a lot of foreigners, especially the Scandinavians, who came to the Bundesliga young and therefore are there as much as the Germans. None of them say they don’t want to go to the national team. stressed the Icelandic technician at the beginning of the month. It’s hard to imagine any German footballer not being available for selection. It disappoints me. »

If the German public is still passionate about their national team (there were 8 million in front of the post during Tuesday’s defeat to Norway) [26-28], ten times more than in France for the Blues’ match against Spain the day before), which is obviously less for the players themselves. Especially strong Bundesliga clubs do not hesitate to remind them that they are paying them, not for selection.

“It’s a boomerang turn: when Alfred Gislason was Kiel’s coach (2008-2019), his club was one of the most pressing players to focus on his employer, beIN Sports consultant François-Xavier Houlet works as a manager at Gummersbach after a long career as a player (1999-2007). It has been going on for ten years. It was less so during the 2019 World Cup at home (4th), then started again. It’s a common movement that makes players think more and more about managing their seasons and careers. They also see that they have little chance of winning the title with the German team. »

This saddens great veterans like Pascal Hens, world champion in 2007, or Christian Schwarzer, who both put it in the same words: “Such a thing would never happen to us. » “We were always happy to play in these tournaments, to compete with the best. Also to have fun with friends, emphasizes SchwarzerAbendzeitung. But this garden, after years of selection, is created to pass the tests together. » Duplicate packages probably don’t help to update it.

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