Electric cars: “Made in France” batteries will be available soon!

No more dependence on Chinese batteries? We are not there. However, the first French batteries for electric vehicles will go on sale in Stellantis vehicles at the end of 2023. “The building is finished, we have been installing the machines since the beginning of January. Twelve containers are coming in a day,” assures Yann Vincent, managing director of ACC. The car park will be fully installed in Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais) “in the first half of the year”. ACC (Automotive Cells Company)? It is a joint venture between Total and PSA that became Stellantis in early 2021 and was formed in August 2020, with Mercedes-Benz joining in March 2022. These three letters alone represent the (relative) tricolor and all hopes for European independence. in terms of zero emission vehicles. A condition sine qua non. The big European bailout was just under 1.3 billion euros, but it didn’t win.

“There are already a hundred people working in Duvrin. Another 300 people will come during the year,” says Yann Vincent. Challenges. 40% of them come from the current company Française de Mécanique, which today manufactures its batteries for Stellantis in the petrol and diesel engine field! A year ago, Stellantis management reached an agreement with three unions to encourage such transfers. Yann Vincent estimates that in 2025 the battery factory should reach “1,000 employees, including a third from Stellantis, a third of people in the labor market and a third of recent graduates.”

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