Classical music festival: Folle Journée in Les Sables-d’Olonne this weekend!

Pocket Symphony on the Atlantes stage on Sunday, January 29 for the closing concert of the festival. ©William Beaucardet

“Ode to the Night”. The program is organized around this topic 20e Publication of La Folle Journée festival will decrease. as part of Crazy day in the areacity Sables d’Olonne will meet eight concerts and conferences.

Crazy Day is one of the most important and qualitative national events around classical music.

Don’t delay to book!

This festival provides easy access to everyone with its programming, as well low ticket prices for concerts given by nationally and internationally renowned artists.

If there are still places for all the concerts scheduled for this weekend, some are almost full. So don’t delay in booking your tickets.


– A Night at the Opera by Cello8 on Friday 27 January at 20:30 at Atlantes (€8). Drawing from his vocal repertoire, the distinguished cellist Roland Pidou signed the transcriptions of this program for a specific ensemble: a cello octet – in this case the Cello8 ensemble of young musicians created by the association Talents et Violon. “All the best French cellists will gather for this concert,” announces René Martin.

– Conference “Nocturne for Piano and its Influence: From Chopin to Faure” on Saturday, January 28 at 11:00 a.m. at the Abbey of Sainte-Croix (admission is free). A wholesome journey to explore the poetic and musical dimensions of this emblematic 19th century genre.e constitutes a repertoire that belongs to the century and is highly appreciated by pianists. A conference of numerous pieces of music.

– A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Mendelssohn by the Paris Mozart Orchestra at Atlantes on Saturday 28 January at 15:30 (€12). Directly inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy, this orchestral masterpiece by Mendelssohn wonderfully recreates the atmosphere of nocturnal magic, one of the most beautiful romantic awakenings of the night, especially the central Nocturne, which depicts the dream of the sleeping heroes. The puck. “It’s jewelry, it’s magic,” assures Rene Martin.

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– Quintet for piano and strings in E flat major opus 44 by Schumann by Jan-Frédéric Neuburger on piano and Elmir string quartet at Atlantes (€8) on Saturday, January 28 at 6:00 p.m. A brilliant milestone in the history of chamber music, Quintet opus 44 is a masterpiece of lyricism and freshness, combining creative imagination and compositional mastery. Revealing strong contrasts, its second movement counters a moving melody in C major that rises like a hopeful prayer to the deaf and restrained funeral march theme. “Jean-Frédéric Neuburger is one of the brightest for me on the piano. He is absolutely brilliant”, comments René Martin.

– “Roundnight midnight” jazz concert at Atlantes on Saturday, January 28 at 20:30 (10 euros). A wonderful journey around blues and jazz in New York of the 50s: Charlie Parker, Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins or even Thelonious Monk, Paul Ley and his musicians recreate the intimate and full atmosphere of jazz clubs in 52. Street with melodies that draw their roots from blues, gospel and the American Songbook – My Funny Valentine, Amazing Grace or Round Midnight…: lots of live tunes that place poetry, swing, mystery and the intensity of collective play. A festive concert in a jazz club atmosphere with Eric le Lann, one of the world’s best trumpet players.

– “The Magic Violin” family concert on Sunday, January 29 at 14:00 at Les Atlantes (€10). In a distant kingdom, night reigns because the day has disappeared without anyone knowing how to explain it. So, since he was very young, Sacha has only one dream: to find the sun. With only the violin entrusted to him by his grandfather, the young man leaves… on a quest to bring back the light? A concert to benefit the Western Cancer Institute (ICO). For children from 4 years old.

– “Night in Haiti” by Celimène Daudet Sunday January 29 at 4pm at Atlantes (€4). A program that carries the flavor of other places and plunges us into the depths of the Haitian night… On the one hand, the mysterious atmosphere of voodoo ceremonies with its melodies and repetitive rhythms, and on the other hand, the vortex of the night with rhythms. the sweet and swinging popular Haitian dances – the meringues – and the carnival accents of Afro-Caribbean dances spinning until dawn in the famous balls.

– Nightscape of the Soul by the Chausson Trio on Sunday 29 January at 17:30 at Atlantes (€6). Trio with piano. Schubert in the program: Notturno for piano, violin and cello 148 D. 897; Chopin: Night in the Great Work 62 n°2; Mussorgsky: Night on Bald Mountain; Sørensen: Phantasmagoria for piano trio

– “Boris Vian, drunkenness of the night” Sunday, January 29 at 19:00 at Atlantes (10 euros). Songwriter, musician, poet, trumpet player, composer, novelist Boris Vian was a “night owl”… Les Lunaisiens and La Symphonie de Poche ensemble, specializing in historical and popular song, have created a festive and poetic program around this unusual character. with a rich and opulent work. An original show that will not fail to entice the crowd.

“Sirba Octet” musical ensemble will present a family concert called “Magic Violin” on Sunday morning, January 29. © Caroline Doutre

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