Cars, motorcycles… Here are the new registration fees for 2023

Gray card prices may vary from year to year. (© Adobe Stock Illustration)

If one day you are asked for the vehicle documents, this is really the registration certificate you are told. In France, this certificate has a name: gray card.

He is is mandatory, such as insurance and maintenance, driving a car or any other means of transport. No more waiting at prefecture counters to claim it, the service is now dematerialized.

But this document is paid. Details.

Which vehicles are affected?

Website shows that all motorized land vehicles must have a gray card.

Therefore, this document covers passenger cars, two-wheelers and scooters, including motorcycles, quadricycles, mopeds, tricycles, quadricycles, motorhomes, vans, tractors and other agricultural vehicles under 50 cm³.

Also note that trailers with a gross permissible laden weight of more than 500 kg must be registered to drive on public roads, including agricultural trailers.

How to apply for a gray card?

For a new car

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If you buy a new car, you have one month to apply for a registration certificate. For this you can contact a licensed auto specialist or visit the National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) website with a digital copy of the following documents:

  • Valid identity document;
  • Cerfa form #13749, which serves as registration application, certificate of conformity and certificate of sale;
  • Proof of address less than six months old;
  • If the vehicle has special technical characteristics (for example: incomplete, modified vehicle), additional evidence is required according to the situation.

Once on site, you must swear that the person applying for a gray card has a motor vehicle insurance certificate and a driver’s license according to the category of the registered vehicle.

You will then have to pay the amount of the gray card by credit card. Then you will get these three items:

  • File number;
  • Confirmation of registration of your request;
  • The temporary registration certificate (CPI) you need to print. CPI allows you to travel only in France for one month while you wait to receive your gray card.

The certificate should arrive within seven days.

For a used car

The process is almost the same for used cars. The one-month deadline to apply for a new gray card is the same as applying online.

However, in order to have a new registration certificate, you will need to attach some documents.

  • the assignment code The former owner of the vehicle must send it to you.
  • Vehicle registration document crossed out with the date of sale (dd/mm/yy) or handover (dd/mm/yy), signed by all former partners.
  • If the age of the vehicle is more than four years: a document proving that the vehicle has passed a technical inspection if it is not exempt from it. Must be completed within six months or less than two months during the reciprocal visit. If the deadline has passed, your account must be verified again.


If you do not have a gray card, you will have to pay a fine of up to 750 euros, although in general it is a fixed fine of 135 euros.

Note that if you do not have internet access, digital points with computers, printers and scanners are available for you in every prefecture and most sub-prefectures.

Prices valid for 2023

The cost of the gray card varies depending on your main residence, the fiscal capacity of your vehicle and its energy/fuel.

Indeed, each region determines the price of the tax horse (listed in section P6 on the gray card, editor’s note). This price is subject to change every year.

This regional rate must then be multiplied by the number of tax horses of the vehicle to be registered to determine the amount of regional tax. Amount to which environmental penalty and other ancillary costs must be added.

If the schedule is not visible, click here.

A number of regions have voted to increase the tax rate from January 1, 2023, and therefore to increase the gray card. Thus, this regional tax increases in Hauts-de-France (+ €1.50), New Aquitaine (+ €4) and Pays de la Loire (+ €3).

It should also be noted that from 2020, purely electric or hydrogen cars are completely exempt from regional tax. And in all regions.

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