AUTOMOBILE: FlexFuel Energy Development publishes a barometer of the most fuel-efficient cars

After installing +234% of E85 canisters in 2022, FLEXFUEL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT publishes a barometer of the most fuel-efficient cars.

In 2022, in the context of generalized inflation, motorists rushed to Superethanol-E85 conversion units, which made cheaper and greener driving possible. FLEXFUEL ENERGY DEVELOPMENT (FFED), the pioneer and leader in FlexFuel enclosures, is celebrating an exceptional year with a 234% increase in E85 enclosure installations, solidifying its leadership position. With 2023 also likely to factor in inflation, FFED is mobilizing for its customers and publishing a barometer of the most fuel-efficient vehicles.

Superethanol-E85, still competitive?

In 2022, severely affected by the rising prices of conventional fuel, motorists turned en masse to E85, thus cutting their fuel budgets in half.

Historically, E85 is the cheapest fuel on the market. As a result of generalized inflation, Superethanol-E85 has increased by an average of 0.30 euros since the beginning of 2023. At the same time, other types of fuel increased by 0.15 euros on average.

At an average of €1.1083/l compared to an average of €1.8748/l for SP95-E10, E85 remains €0.7665 cheaper. For a “typical motorist” there is a difference of around €35 ​​every time you fill up. E85 is therefore still competitive and remains the only simple and readily available alternative for cheaper and greener driving. (1)

Fuel savings of over €400 per year

Combining a maximum 25% excess consumption, the E85 saves €445 per year in fuel compared to the SP95-E10 compared to €685 for 13,000 km driven and €685 for 20,000 km driven.

In 2022, it increased its consumption of E85 by 82.6%. E85 is now distributed at 3,300 service stations, i.e. 1 in 3 stations (+20% in 1 year).

More environmentally friendly, E85 reduces CO2 emissions by 50% and fine particulate emissions by 90% compared to conventional fuels.

+234% installation of FlexFuel boxes in 2022

Installations of FlexFuel boxes increased by 234% as fuel prices increased.

After 16,106 boxes were installed in 2021, 53,902 FlexFuel boxes were installed in the FFED network in 2022, out of 85,000 boxes installed by the entire sector. Thus, FFED strengthens its leadership position.

At the end of September, the company passed the milestone of 100,000 users since its inception in 2009, and the market remains large (10 million cars)., the online sales platform for FlexFuel canisters, also benefited from this context. Showing 20% ​​growth with 1,051 sales.

The network grows by 25%

The FFED network continues to expand, bringing the number of centers trained and authorized to install boxes to 2,501, up from 2,000 in 2021.

(1) Average mileage for car driver and car consuming 7l/100km – Price as of 20.01.2023 –

It consists of independent installers, cooperation with major market players (Autobacs, Autodistribution, Autolia, Avia-Picoty, First Stop and Côté Route, IDLP, Midas, Norauto, Point S, Siligom, Speedy, etc.) and several vehicles. dealers.

Norauto, Autodistribution and Speedy are the installers with the most FlexFuel boxes in 2022.

A barometer of the most economical cars in mixed use

To choose an economical vehicle, it is advisable to study the general environment of the car (fuel budget, purchase price, registration document and taxes, autonomy, maintenance, insurance, discount).

FFED studied and selected the most economical cars for mixed use (urban, suburban, highway): reliable, alert and above all very easy and cheap to maintain.

Jérôme Loubert, FFED’s European Development Director, says: “In the current inflationary environment, saving money is becoming more and more important for many French people. A car running on E85 allows savings at all levels of the car budget. “.

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(1) Cost per 100 km with 20% excess consumption and a bioethanol price of €1.12/litre

(2) Observed prices for recent used cars with low mileage (<50,000 km) (minimum 2019)

Key points about state-approved FlexFuel canisters:

9 out of 10 petrol vehicles are compatible with FlexFuel installation, including diesel particulate filter vehicles and 15hp vehicles

The box must be approved and installed by a trained and authorized professional

The purchase and installation of an approved unit ranges from €699 including tax to €1,500 including tax, depending on the vehicle’s engine power. FFED’s prices have not changed in 2022 and remain the most competitive on the market

The installation of the box allows you to get a free gray card (up to a limit of 750 euros) for cars sold at half price and called clean, except in the cities of Centre-Val de Loire, Brittany and Hauts-de-France. Grand Est, New Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire where charges apply

2 regions (Hauts-de-France (€500), Ile-de-France (€500)), 1 department (Oise) and municipalities offer E85 conversion assistance

Thanks to assistance schemes by local authorities, which can amount to half the budget (€500) for installing a box, motorists can amortize their investment in less than a year.

The vast majority of E85 vehicles are not affected by ZFE (Crit’Air 1). Some cities offer exemptions regardless of the Crit’Air sticker (Montpellier, Grand Reims)

“Made in France” FlexFuel canisters are guaranteed for 5 years

The manufacturer’s statutory warranty is accepted by FFED for all parts in contact with E85. For other parts, the manufacturer’s warranty continues to apply

Reprogramming is illegal as it changes the vehicle’s original settings and will result in a disqualification.


Specialized in optimizing engine performance and consumption,

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