Affordable solar car now on sale at a really great price

In 2019, the American company Aptera made a comeback with a solar car originally released in 2005. After a few years, it is already possible to order a copy of this amazing electric car in the Launch Edition release version.

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If electric cars have been developing so fast for several years that their sales now outstrip those of diesels in France, some manufacturers want to go even further. While some are working on developing a robust battery that allows them to offer more autonomy than ever before, others are experimenting with more amazing technologies, like a solar car. This is especially true for Lightyear 2 or Sono Motors’ Sion models, which have discontinued Lightyear 0.

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But it’s the American startup Aptera that’s making headlines today. In 2005, the young company introduced its first solar car, which eventually failed to launch due to insufficient funding. A few years later, in 2019, the amazing machine is back with new features including 1600 kilometers is an incredible distance on a single charge.

Then, radio silence, if we could even explore it in August 2022. Until the beginning of the year, until the company returns to the front of the stage, he announced. opening bookings for solar car, in its Launch Edition. That’s when It is listed at $33,200 or around €30,492 according to the current exchange rate. At this price, customers will especially benefit from a range of 400 miles thanks to the 42 kWh battery, or about 643 kilometers according to the brand’s website.

A more affordable version is available starting at $25,000 (around €23,000). But be aware, as always in the US, all prices are exclusive of taxes.

Solar panels installed on the roof make this possible to cover a distance of 40 miles (about 64 kilometers) per day. Note that several versions will be available, including ones that can travel up to 1,000 miles or 1,600 kilometers on a single charge. However, you should be patient as customers who order this version will be served last.

To place an order, it is enough to visit the manufacturer’s website and pay $100 deposit, or about 91 euros. The same amount that Tesla is charging to reserve a copy of the Cybertruck. However, you should not rush to buy your car production should not begin for at least a year. As the site explains, the production lines should be ready within nine months. Electrek. Moreover, the company will still need an additional $50 million.

New feature

This Launch Edition stands out with its silver body covered with a UV protective film, while the lines are drawn to offer the best aerodynamics possible. result, Cx is only 0.13, even better than Lightyear 0 and its 0.175 CD. For comparison, let’s note that the most aerodynamic serial car currently on sale is the Mercedes EQS with only 0.20, and the second place is the Hyundai Ioniq 6 (0.21).

The Aptera comes with a 120-volt charger for North America, allowing to recover a speed of about 21 kilometers per hour or 241 kilometers per night. However, the car is also compatible with Tesla’s NACS (North American Charging Standard) connector, allowing it to travel 92 kilometers per hour. In the press release, the company also announces that the car will be equipped with a standard DC charger. It allows to collect power between 40 and 60 kW.

It will be possible to enjoy laterPower up to 100 kW, although the manufacturer hopes to be able to offer charging at Tesla Superchargers, it allows it. Please note that even if you no longer have serial models in Europe, it is possible to connect to high-speed terminals of the American brand. However, not all charging points are compatible yet. In the US, a similar decision should be made soon with the Tesla Magic Dock.

As a reminder, Aptera claims 128 kW, equal to 174 hp, while it accelerates from 0 to 96 km/h in just 4 seconds. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know if the solar car will go on sale in France, when it will be the first car in the world to go on sale as standard. Several manufacturers have already tried to offer electric cars with solar panels, including the Karma Revero, and new Fisker Ocean customers can take advantage of that option. This is also the case with the new Toyota Prius or Toyota bZ4X.

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