A conversation with Vanes, founder of Vanes Events, a 360 agency dedicated to artists

Today, @Salam_Roxaneeditor rapunchline encounter wingsthe founder Vanes Events, 360 communication agency dedicated to artists and specialized in rap. Together, they take a look at his career, ambitions and love of rap.

A: Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

W: wingsfrom me Marseille and I developed the agency 360. I am passionate about music, especially rap. I made my first forays into the music world when I created my luxury car company, which was regularly featured in various urban music videos and web series. Such is the idea and the company Vanes Events It was launched in January 2016.

A: So what exactly is Vanes Events?

V : Vanes Events, so I’m a shadow person who basically deals with all the behind-the-scenes stuff that an artist or a label needs. I’m like a swiss army knife. Therefore, I am involved in several professions within my company: project manager, development and management of artists, public relations, programming for streaming platforms and Youtube, creation of SACEM and help writing works, creation and management of social networks, creation of companies, manufacturing…

A: Do you work alone or with a team?

V : I work mostly solo, but depending on the needs of the artists or labels I collaborate with, my current network allows me to surround myself with experts in very specific fields. It really depends on the topic / subject required. For me, music is synonymous with sharing, so I don’t hesitate to surround myself with the best when I need to. And for Marseille, we have a lot to see! For example, I work SSL Record, Skenawin Studio, label 13c Art and B18 Prod, FootKorner Marseille, Drive Pub Led or Garemesseevents. Also with beatmakers like Fabio Giovi, Zerto or Shadro

A: What is a typical day at Vanes Events?

V : Typical day and night because my nights are usually very short. Coffee for starters. Coffee in one hand, phone in the other. I check my networks, e-mails/messages, the latest news… Then I have a “snap call” with the artists, studios, teams I’m currently working with for a daily debrief. I also check the approval of platforms, the release of articles/publications on networks… The day is often interrupted by meetings that I fit into my schedule.

– What projects are you currently working on and what artists are you working with?

V : TonynoArtist and creator from Marseille label B18 preparing his next project. Yl2s and Saaphyra, Hence the Zone three young rappers on the rise. Tiflor, an artist mostly in Afro music. I also cooperate with the Marseille brand FootKorner. I am also in the process of building projects to be released in 2023.

R: Also, how do you choose the artists you represent?

V : I work mostly on a whim, I like to make connections with non-professional artists. Music fascinates me, I like to be in the studio from the moment of creation. I need to touch the artist’s musicality and universe.

A: How is the first contact made?

V :Through my networks because they reflect my journey, my shares, my favorites…

R: What is your favorite music right now?

V : The album Gray, I’m listening again, it’s so heavy. Lil’so, Dax the wolf. Title It’s all there of Elamitesfeature cofs and Tears. I also like the artist Emkal. Otherwise, the basics: Saf, Ninho, Naps, Soso Maness, Alonzo. And Tupac and Snoop Dog, crush for life! And the new Marseille scene too.

A: What are your future plans and what can we wish you for the future?

V : Continue to accompany the artists I work with on greater adventures in 2022. Make certain cut titles and a culmination of some projects close to my heart.

A: Where can we find you and how can we contact you?

GOING Marseille mainly, email or Instagram.

https://bio.link/vanesevents Email: [email protected] Instagram: @vaness-events

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