3,500 cars pass through its lanes every day in Besançon after the development works

For the past few months, residents of rue du Clos-Munier in Besançon (Doubs) have been suffering from traffic jams and traffic jams. It is about changing the traffic plan around Montrapon and Léo Lagrange avenues.

“My street was great and now it’s unlivable”. Annie Chuard-Tessero’s voice trembles on the phone. This former retired doctor struggles to hide his emotions. “I sleep badly, I’m afraid in the morning.”

Since the beginning of October, the resident of Clos-Munier in the Montrapon district of Besançon no longer knows the peaceful impasse he has lived in for more than 30 years. “Noise, pollution, it’s terrible” the retiree explains. THERE ISAt rush hour, vehicles line up behind a red light at the intersection of avenue Montrapon, and traffic jams follow waves of workers.

We calculated that 3,500 vehicles pass through this small street a day now.

Annie Chuard-Tessereau, resident of Clos-Munier in Besançon

“We had a monster traffic jam down the street and we thought, ‘What’s going on?’ remembers “We said to ourselves, ‘It’s impossible,’ and some people found out that there are works, rue Weiss.”. Parallel to the lane connecting Avenue Léo Lagrange to Avenue Montrapon, this axis is cut off from traffic to create a dual cycle lane. A significant part of the traffic goes to Clos Munier.

“We said to ourselves, ‘It’s a work,’ but then we realized that no, it will stay like that.”“. Because if Rue Weiss is no longer cut, it is now one-way, avenue Montrapon – Stade Léo Lagrange.

“The main goal is to make it greener, and that’s great, but it’s created a monster on our street.” Hugo Berardi gets angry. The show’s producer, a father of two children, ages 4 and 6, looks anxiously at the line of cars parked in front of his residence. “It increases the risk of accidents” explains, pointing out that the sidewalks on their street are particularly narrow. “I’m always very careful that my kids don’t get too close to the sidewalk.”

When traffic jams do not block the street, it is the speed of traffic that worries the father of the family. “It’s a straight line with a traffic light below. People rush at 70 km/h to get to the traffic lights, the sidewalks are too small, the street is not safe even though there is a school” testifies. According to him, the one-way speed limit is 30 km/h, but the sign indicating it will not be so visible.

Annie Chuard-Tissereau said she has noticed a significant increase in obscenity. “Almost everyone who runs a red light turns red because they’re fed up because they’ve been waiting so long.According to locals, you will have to wait 6-7 minutes to walk the 250 meters of Clos Munier at peak times.

Distraught by the traffic, about forty residents quickly tried to contact the municipality and the agglomeration. “We sent e-mails, made phone calls… There was a lot of contact, but no sincere answer and no meeting.” Registered letters, repeated calls, attempts to contact elected officials and a number of services, including the “civic democracy” service… For almost four months, they have been increasing their contact attempts.

It’s an unbelievable situation and we don’t feel like we’re being listened to and nobody takes us seriously

Ugo Berardi, resident of Clos Munier in Besançon

When asked, the agglomeration of Grand Besançon explains that in December a letter was sent to all mailboxes in the district to explain the situation and several meetings were organized with the road services.

“There was no consultation. They sent the letter because we reacted.” Hugo Berardi gets angry. “And besides warning us about those who are bothering us and saying we will see later…”. “The meeting was in the afternoon, so there were six residents of the street”Annie Chuard-Tessereau says. “They listened to us and answered that they are there and they are leaving continue as they did, because they wanted to test what it would do.”

“We feel absolutely humiliated” Hugo Berardi summarizes. “We only have mild responses, which can be fixed in a few months.” “In any case, we cannot find people who will explain why they chose this solution, not the decision-makers, and what solution we can find to make it less embarrassing.“Annie Chuard-Tessereau is angry.

The communication service of the contacting agglomeration explains that this is normal A period of time should be observed after the traffic plan is changed before consulting together to choose possible new solutions. A new consultation meeting is due next week.

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