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Catherine Pegard

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It’s a new time Letter a reveals a bit of the flowerpot before implementation: after the Pgard decree, now the Pgard amendment. A story so incredible over the course of a few months that it could be the subject of a volume of Catherine’s adventures: “Catherine at the Olympic Games.” We turn to the previous episodes of this interesting work, which reveals a lot about the true nature of our republic, a democracy, of course, but a sick democracy of privileges, petty tricks and politeness. The fact that this is about Versailles, the seat of royal power, is enlightening in itself.

The amendment needed to retain the interim president of Versailles (who no longer holds the title for several weeks and is currently under administrative sanctions) was tabled by Cote d’Or senator Francois Patriat. Here’s his text, suitable for a single sheet of cigarettes, but a good edit doesn’t need too many words: The persons who perform the functions of the president or director of the state institution on the date of the awarding of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to Paris and are directly involved in the organization of these games may perform the mentioned duties, regardless of any contrary provision. Until December 31, 2024. »

And since any text of law must justify its relevance, Senator François Pétriat, who works completely independently of the Elysée – the separation of powers is not an empty word – justifies the sudden love for the presidents of public institutions (we must, obviously, write “presidents”): ” The organization of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games requires the mobilization of all structures, personnel and existing skills to ensure their success and thus fully contribute to the impact of this great event on our country. In this regard, it is important to ensure the continuity of the activities of the mobilized organizations in the coming period. Also, this change is intended to allow the heads of state enterprises who are in office on the date of awarding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and are directly involved in their organization to perform these functions until the end of the year. despite anything to the contrary. »

How are we going to evaluate it?” summary statement » is a kind of auto-plagiarism that will surely delight future historians, repeating exactly the text of the amendment. ” Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, they must be able to perform their functions because, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, they must be able to continue to perform their functions. “. Admit that it is inevitable.

In fact, it is obvious, and we are surprised that we did not realize it earlier, that none other than the former political journalist and adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, Catherine Pégar, was appointed to Versailles without any title or authority in the field of museums and historical monuments. he was the only person who could ensure the smooth running of the Olympic events: he had no title or competence in the field of sports and major international competitions. Therefore, he was perfectly suited to carry out this mission.

The proposed amendment to the law on trickery, which we have already written, was full of such legislative cavaliers (see this article in particular) – because even if it is officially an event related to the Olympic Games, we understand that it is not. So – here it comes again to demonstrate what it is.

But this new sleight of hand contains a legal loophole as far as the intended decree is concerned: Catherine Pégarde is no longer exercising the presidency of Versailles—even if we are to believe that we have crossed all legal bounds. extended thanks to this fix? Therefore, it is likely that if the law were passed as it is, it would remain open to any legal recourse.

Will the opposition parliamentary groups in the Senate and the Milli Majlis, which have the authority to prevent this new action of the prince, take their responsibilities? We would like to believe it, but without too many illusions. Nothing is less certain about the appointment, which was renewed by Francois Hollande during Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidency and is now supported in all probability by Emmanuel Macron. We’re clutching our popcorn boxes to our knees and eagerly awaiting the continuation of this series House of Cards there is only one soap syrupy.

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