Two unique copies of Peugeot 207 are sold for 30,000 euros

Two unique models of Peugeot 207 are sold in Italy. These very low-mileage sedan and Coupé-Cabriolet versions were used as exhibition models, especially for the Bologna Motor Show and the Rimini show. They are displayed at a price of €30,000.


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Two unique models of Peugeot 207 are sold in Italy.

Sogno route

With more than 4 million Peugeot 207s produced between 2006 and 2014, depending on the version, it is currently around €5,000 second-hand. But two unique models reach a record price as they are available for sale at €30,000. These are Peugeot 207s produced for events such as trade shows or exhibitions. Made by Peugeot Italy on order from Peugeot France, these cars are like new. They show 600 km on the odometer. City cars can be seen at the Ruote da Sogno dealership in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Future collections?

Regardless of make and model, rare and unique cars are always in high demand. Their price is often very high, as evidenced by these two Peugeot 207 models. Made in a single and unique copy. The 2006 sedan and 2007 coupe-convertible versions are 3-4 times more expensive than the production versions.. For good reason, they have exclusive equipment. Baptized 207 Effetto Suolo, for “ground effect”, the sedan is equipped with the same suspensions as the Lamborghini Gallardo. There is a sports exhaust line. Oversized brake discs and calipers appear behind the 17” OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels. A 160 hp 1.6 THP unit, common in high-end cars during the PSA era, is located under the hood. Everything is original on this model with a beautiful bright red interior.

The other version on sale is nothing but the coupe-cabriolet version released in 2007. It has stickers on its case. “207 cc Powerful Energy” and on the sides the profile of a lion’s head. Several styling elements distinguish this version from the classic Peugeot 207 cc, e.g the presence of front and rear spoilers, as well as an exhaust line with triangular pipes. The interior features Sparco-produced leather seats and a steering wheel. A coupe-cabriolet can have only two people on board. The rear seat was removed and replaced with speakers. These are also included in the doors. There is a DJ station in the trunk. The dashboard consists of a 6.1-inch Pioneer AVIC D3 touchscreen with a navigator.

Vehicles are neither homologated nor registered

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Note that these two vehicles were never homologated or registered.

Note that these two vehicles were never homologated or registered.

Sogno route

Too good to be true, these two models had to catch one. They have no documentation other than a bill of sale from the Peugeot Museum in Italy. They have also never been homologated or registered.. However, the first registration cannot be completely excluded. To apply for registration in France, you will need to go to the ANTS website and submit several documents that will be studied to determine whether or not to issue a gray card:

  • application form for registration;
  • copy of a valid identity document;
  • driving license;
  • Proof of address less than 6 months old;
  • isolated acceptance act for non-compliant or imported vehicles;
  • proof of technical review;
  • proof of vehicle insurance;
  • a document confirming the origin of the ownership of the vehicle

As you understand, these models are rare and unique, but require reflection before possible acquisition. For those who want to get one or even both of these two machines, logistics service and home delivery are offered.


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