Two exceptional concerts with a poetic bent at “Les Hauts en Scènes” in January

Every two months on France 3 Hauts-de-France, in the second part of the evening, we offer you live TV, as if you were at a concert. Next meeting on Wednesday 25 January 2023 with Picard singer Oete and Lille band Lénine Renaud.

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Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon

Now you know this program in France 3 Hauts-de-France. About every two months we give you the opportunity to stay connected with the music news of Nord Pas-de-Calais and Picardy from your sofa., thanks to the program Heights in Scenes.

In order not to make anyone jealous, we focus on programming in the same 52-minute program from one group Nord Pas de Calais, the other Picardy.

The common point of our two sessions on January 25, 2023: a very artistic and aesthetic musical approach. Lénine Renaud, with the choice of the concept of her last album, which praises the great artists Oet, for her personality and for her writing, which is both sharp and highly emotional.

It’s simple, it’s beautiful, it’s friendly. You put on your pajamas, wrap yourself in a plaid, make verbena with honey and you just have to taste it.

It is lovely and at the same time, you are living an intense and privileged moment because for you, our cameras interfere with the musicians as discreetly as possible, as close as possible. They have carte blanche to choose their titles. Every group has a right 25 minutes live.

We were delighted to host the band in our specially equipped Lille studios to record a music session for this programme. Lenin Renaud Founded in 2011 by Marcel and his orchestra singer and acolyte and pop-electro singer. Ote It comes to us from Picardy.

Oete is a very young artist with an atypical background. Leaving Maulers in a corner of a village near Beauvais with as many cows as its inhabitants (about 250), this autodidact in music released his first album. Weapons and Sequins.

Between Bashung and Daniel Darc for the writing and the cracks he feels while listening to it, Oete touches us between Bowie for his androgynous and seductive looks.

Even if the disco base is distinguished by the presence of 80s synth, the global trend is towards electro-pop for these nine tracks, which scream with emotion and sincerity.

Oete, aka Thibod Blond, writes almost instinctively: the flow of words comes naturally and very quickly to him. And when he has finished writing, he reads it again, discovering for himself the scope of his words. An almost mystical artistic ease that we envy him.

Having caught the attention of industry professionals and in particular the Roy Music label, Oete has already been selected by Les Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges in 2022. He opened for Julien Dore, Clara Luciani, Juliette Armanet and took part in the music show. Main In France 2, he was also invited Culture box 4 in France. And the news has just dropped, Oete has also been selected to participate this summer workplace Francofolias of La Rochelle.

This will also be:

Lénine Renaud was strong for this fourth album, the first in prison due to Covid. At that time the museums were closed, and the singer-composer Franck Vandecasteele – also the singer of Marcel and his Orchestra – was deprived of his favorite excursions and found an artistic counterpart.

Twelve famous paintings known to the general public were chosen by six musicians who made up the group. Thus, the paintings of Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Remi Coghe are described, set to music, and poeticized. Art is not a lesson, but a musical instrument, a way of perceiving and feeling the work.

The paintings come to life and harmonize with their audience with the sound of double bass, accordion, guitars and the two main characters, Frank Vandekasteel and Cyril Delmot.

Their next two concerts in the region should not be missed:

31 January 2023: Salle Allende – Mons en Baroeul (59)

17 February 2023: Le Channel v Calais (62)

See you in France 3 Nord Pas-de-Calais and France 3 Picardie
Wednesday, January 25 from 11:15 p.m. for a pajama concert.

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And long live the music!

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