This popular music group from Clermont announces its program for 2023

Welcome Dr Psycho is a group born in 2015 whose project is to release a record “To engrave on material texts and music that Stéphane Maurel has dragged for many years“. Eight years later, not only is the latter still around, but the band continues to play and release new releases. A great adventure took place between the leader (who does not want to be named) and this group of friends, consisting of singer Stefan Maurel and drummer Jean-Marc Pinsson.

After working with several other musicians, the two friends finally found two allies in solo guitarist François Carpentier and bassist Frank Lamur, who formed this hard rock band.

Video as a group promotion

For Stéphane Maurel & Co, this start of the year coincides with the release of the third video from their second album. Love never dies Released in February 2021.”In fact, we released it as a gift to our audience before Christmas. Stéphane Maurel emphasizes. And we are happy because the feedback was immediately very positive..” Jean-Marc Pinsson adds: “This video was made by Yannick Jossec. We gave him carte blanche. He is a photography enthusiast who slowly started making videos and offers us a beautiful rendering..”

Made in patchwork with pictures taken during Welcome D concertsr Psycho introduces the title of the video, moments of good humor between band members during festivals or concerts Singing Over the World. “He makes a lot of deductions live, Stéphane Maurel emphasizes. It’s also a great promotional tool because it lets people see you playing in front of them, and that’s important.” The four musicians offer a discovery of four tracks from this second album on their Youtube channels. And their album is still available in physical form, not on streaming platforms.

Evening at the Beauvais After Party on Friday, January 27th

A number of projects are being implemented for 2023. The first will be performed very soon, on Friday, January 27, at the After de Beauvais bar. “It’s our first time performing there. specify the musicians. We play very little in cafes and bars and are more than happy to play indoors.” It’s also an opportunity for them to perform in front of a different audience that might never have thought of going to a hard rock concert, and welcome!r Psycho. Other things to follow”is in the pipeline but remains to be confirmed.”

One thing is certain: by the summer of 2023, everything will change for the group, and its members will not avoid communication on social networks. The third album should definitely see the light of day in 2024. Currently, the four friends are focusing on release dates and will work on this new project in the second phase. For Stephane Maurel, taking time to write is important. In particular, the group only offers compositions, not covers. While you wait to discover new releases, it’s always possible to order already released discs by contacting the band directly at

In stores at the end of January

Good news for Welcome D members this start of the yearr Psycho is the announcement of the sale of the second album Love never dies From the end of January in Cultura stores in Saint-Maximin and Compiègne. “We have always had a good relationship, especially with the Saint-Maximin team, Stefan Maurel explains. We will organize a showcase there until the summer.

For Claremontites, it’s a source of pride to find themselves in stores alongside bands they’re fans of: “With our first album, we were with Scorpions, Iron Maiden and Guns N’ Roses. When you see it, it does something!

Compared to Welcome Dr psychology

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