Report on the construction site of the Arena porte de la Chapelle, scheduled for January 2024

Work on the Paris Arena site at the Porte de la Chapelle will begin in early 2024, three months late. Guided tour.

The temperature in Paris is close to zero on the third Monday in January, but just under three hundred workers are busy as if nothing has happened at the huge construction site visible from the exit of the Porte de Métro in northern Paris. chapel. A three-month delay in the delivery of the future Adidas Arena, which will host badminton, para-badminton, rhythmic gymnastics and para-weightlifting events during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, is out of the question.

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This is the only work depicting the consequences of the war in Ukraine », confirmed Nicolas Ferrand, general manager of Olympic works delivery company (Solideo) last week. In terms of timing, as with all Olympic equipment, costs have risen with inflation costing Solideo already €140 million.

We scared each other, it could be half a year (do not be late) »He knows Christophe Rosen, deputy chief representative of the general delegation of the city of Paris to the Games and major events. We now know that we can complete the work in December 2023 for delivery at the end of January 2024. »

The entire construction industry was affected », adds Laurent Even, director of works at Bouygues Bâtiment Île-de-France, that more than 1,500 tons of steel will be used to build the only Paris facility for the Games. The future resident club, Paris Basket, will therefore have to wait before settling there, and the planned 2023 French Open badminton competition at the new hall will remain at Coubertin.

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The structural works of the arena have already been completed. The metal frame, purchased in December instead of August to complete the installation, remains before the finishing works. From the last floor of the equipment, one can observe one of the impressive steel beams from the steel mills of Ukraine.

From there, a “sky bar” will be built on the south side of the hall, which will allow you to watch Paris Basket matches or attend concerts. Some of the bleachers have already been installed, but without the seats, for a configuration with 8,000 seats in the basketball version and 9,000 in the concert mode. A crane and several machines still occupy the future floor to transport the three main types of materials that make up the structure: metal, wood and concrete.

In one of the two gyms on the middle floor, which will serve as a warm-up room, the facade has been redesigned and the classic windows have been replaced with a large bay window in the shape of a smile or a view, depending on your taste. . Stands that can accommodate seven hundred and fifty people will also be installed.

Christophe Rosa said that after the Paralympic Games, this gymnasium will be used for local clubs, especially futsal clubs. Another gymnasium, whose height under the ceiling will allow badminton players to train in the summer of 2024, is intended for the residents of the region, especially schoolchildren, after the event.

After that, the residents will be able to take advantage of the sports fields that first existed in the area and then were moved during construction. They will be relocated after the Paralympics to expand their sports offering to the Paris Gliding Space (EGP), an indoor skatepark located in the 18th arrondissement.

Equipment designed to last after gamesThe goal is to do operate the equipment daily », says Ève Brunelle, equipment project manager for the general delegation participating in the City Games. A shop dedicated to the Paris Basket is already planned, as well as other shops and catering areas.

Apart from the equipment operated by the Paris Bercy Société d’Exploitation du Palais omnisports, such as the Accor Arena, it is this disadvantaged district in northern Paris that the City wants to transform. The arena will open onto a large tree-lined forecourt named Alice Milliat, a tribute to the pioneers of women’s sports, which will be handed over at the same time as the equipment.

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The main entrance will be at the southwest corner closest to the subway exit », highlights Ève Brunelle for ease of access. Finally, Mayor Anne Hidalgo has often reiterated her desire to make the Arena overpass. new place des Invalides ». Another construction site.

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