Report. “I came first!” A rush for musical instruments from the library in Lyons

As soon as the Part-Dieu library opened, the music section attracted many people. As of January 24, 2023, the library’s loan offer is expanding with a catalog of 57 musical instruments.

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The municipal library of Lyon now offers “Biblio” subscribers to borrow the tools for a period of 6 weeks. If the test is inconclusive, enough time to try the tool without buying it.

The library’s music department has been operating since 1975, after vinyls and CDs, music became more concrete for subscribers.

From the opening, there were people borrowing instruments. They are available as “packages”, i.e. with a carrying bag and other accessories needed for the experience.

1 banjo, 3 bass guitars (right-handed, left-handed and 3/4 format), 3 classical guitars (right-handed, left-handed and 3/4 format), 5 electric guitars (right-handed, left-handed, and 3/4 format), 2 folk guitars, 1 cigar box, 1 mandolin, 2 ukuleles, 1 electronic drum kit, 5 harmonicas, 6 kazoos, 1 balafon, 1 singing bowl, 1 cajon, 1 capoeira berimbau and caxixi pack, 1 checkers, 1 darbuka . 1 volume pedal, 1 DJ controller, 6 amplifiers, 4 multi-effect pedals.

Instruments on offer include keyboards, strings and classical percussion, but the emphasis is on exploring more exotic instruments.

The collection will grow over the years. “We will also follow up on requests for new tools. And expand the instrumental park”– says the head of the department. “Lit was easy to control the tools. Therefore, world music has both classical instruments and percussion instruments and electronic musical instruments. For example, we have the theremin, one of the first electronic musical instruments created in the 1920s.

The theremin is one of the first instruments borrowed this morning, as is the tongue drum. And then as more exotic, more intuitive instruments for singing, there is the bowl, the Batuka balafon, the accordion, a few kazoos, but wind instruments are limited for reasons of hygiene.

Cyril Michaud, head of the music department at the Part-Dieu library, explains this approach: “VSit’s really about creating a new collection based on the musical instruments we lend to our subscribers. These loans are meant for beginners. It is about encouraging amateur artistic creativity and musical experience that is easily accessible during the credit period.

Audrey is happy, “I came to the opening so that the electric guitar must be there”he says. It’s for my son, he’s just getting started. It’s six weeks, so it leaves time to explore well, master the instrument and come back to change instruments or extend it if we want to.”

“I think it’s great that they lend a tool, because it allows you to try things out, explore things without investing immediately.”he concludes.

Borrowing takes just a few minutes. another subscriber proudly displays a mandolin.

“It was looking at me from the window, it was on display in the hallway. I’ve been wanting to try this tool for a long time, so this was an opportunity. First thing in the morning, I came to make sure. take it back. I see that I’m not the only one with this idea, so I took it I’m glad I got it back.”

The library staff expected this enthusiasm. The tool is valuable, expensive, so there is no question of deterioration of the material. “A broken string, we replace it, says Cédric Michaud, but if a man comes back with a broken instrument, he is responsible. If negligence is found, the responsibility of the borrower is engaged.

The public is very diverse. According to agents, this is a new community. Ukuleles are planned so that young teenagers can borrow from the age of 11, three-quarter or electric guitars, short-sounding basses.

Because, as Nicholas explains, the appetite for music often develops during adolescence.I used to play guitar when I was a kid and it’s been a long time since I played so I came to buy a guitar. It’s great, you can choose different types of guitars, classical, electric guitar, folk guitar, it’s mainly to see if I want to play. JI suspected there would be a lot of people“, – he said before Add to, “I I will try the piano next time.”

A small rumble arises from all the instruments in the hands of the borrowers. In a corner of the room, some notes of a tongue drum escape. Each metallic note of the percussion sends a round, mellow note, even without notes. “I think it will be fun, we will have fun with the kids.”, explains this budding musician. “Actually, I discovered it at Christmas and it’s great, it’s there and we can borrow it.” And‘get? “We’ll see since that hasn’t been given yet.”

All is said and done!

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