Raquel Rosa, audition agent

When you meet Raquel Rosa in the basement of her hotel in Paris, you meet a woman who has managed to find her place in the competitive and male world of agents. We are then very far from suspecting that he has suffered from partial deafness since birth.

Originally from Brazil, he grew up in Rio in a football-obsessed family and found a career to match his ambitions. “I experienced difficult times. We didn’t know why I spoke differently, narrates. As a child, it turned out that I did not hear well. »

“Raquel is more than my agent. Our relationship is characterized by great trust. What is important for me is that he always honestly analyzes my performance.”

Dayot Upamecano, defender of Bayern Munich

The 41-year-old agent has always loved sports and is fluent in six languages: Portuguese, German, English, Italian, Spanish and French. Thanks to football, but not only… At the age of 11, he moved to Germany with his parents.

“It was an opportunity to learn new languages ​​for free. I did more as a kid than anything I’ve ever done. It’s harder, but don’t give up. » He quickly began his career in the regional league as a coach and took the opportunity to watch the sessions of the men’s team.

Raquel Rosa has been named head of the UEFA player agent program. (Iorgis Matyassy/Team)

He started working in Hoffenheim in 2007 in the field of management and integration. During the 2014 World Cup, he was involved in project management and was a partial interpreter at press conferences in Germany. The World Cup is a nod to his adopted country and his life in his native country.

Subsequently, Raquel Rosa referees at RB Leipzig, which is still in management and integration. He started his career as an agent only in 2018. An experienced economist helped in negotiations while working in clubs. He is now writing his doctoral dissertation focusing on transfers. And Raquel to be sure: “It is already difficult to succeed in this profession. My disability didn’t help me. Fortunately, I saw many aspects of the football world, which was useful to me. »

His skills and experience allowed him to join Unique Sports Group, led by Gordon Stipic-Wipfler, last summer after working at SportsTotal. A particularly motivated “transfer” “His exceptional personality, excellent experience, knowledge and network”, According to the CEO of Unique Sports Group.

Qualities that convinced Mohamed Camara (Monaco), Amadou Haïdara (RB Leipzig) or Dayot Upamecano (Bayern) to seek his services. Upamecano, who praised when talking about his cooperation. “Raquel is more than my agent. Our relationship is characterized by great respect and trust. What is important for me is his honest analysis of my work. We call each other after every game and he tells me what he thinks. Although not always pleasant, it is the only way forward. »

“Most people don’t know I have hearing aids”

Romain Perrault (Southampton) joined his “stable” last summer. “I met a very talented person who left his mark. I didn’t hesitate too much, says the French side. He is a sincere, honest person who works very well. This is especially important in this environment. »

In addition to managing players’ careers, Raquel Rosa helps them manage their lives off the field. “Details at the highest level will make the difference, he specifies. Being a professional is not just about playing. » So, he accidentally put one of his patrons in touch with an opera singer so that he wouldn’t lose his voice from shouting during the match.

The Brazilian is an inspiration to many partially deaf people who finally dream of working in football. “Many don’t know I have devices” the agent comments.

Raquel Rosa intends to pass on her knowledge by becoming the director of the UEFA player agent program, a three-month training course that helps prepare her career and provides her first networking opportunity. “There are many agents in the world and it’s an honor to be chosen,” sums up the man who turned his disability into strength.

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