NBA All-World Preview: An In-Depth AR Basketball Experience

Niantic’s upcoming augmented reality game from NBA All-World will provide a complete basketball experience and promote real-world gameplay.

NBA All-World is a mobile game that aims to provide a complete basketball experience that can even encourage fans to play real games on the court. The game comes from Niantic, which has developed other AR mobile games in the past, such as Pokémon GO, and was developed in collaboration with HypGames, the NBA, and the NBPA. Niantic wants NBA All-World to appeal to die-hard fans and casual players alike, giving users multiple ways to play and grow their team.

The NBA All-World was first announced for 2022, emphasizing that it’s not just about basketball, it’s about sports culture. Whole World aims to differentiate itself by being encouraging, accessible and authentic. That means encouraging players to go out and explore, making the game fun regardless of what the player knows about the NBA, and including things like popular sneakers, gear, and music in the title along with gameplay.

The first major gameplay component of NBA All-World is the matchup system, where AR versions of famous players will be scattered around the world. From there, players can challenge NBA stars in various mini-games like 3-point shooting or Around the World, and if they win, they can recruit the player to their team by building a growing team, much like they would with a Pokédex in Pokémon. . GOING. Players will be able to upgrade their team members’ skills over time, earning XP and power-ups, some of which are temporary and some of which are permanent.

How the NBA Delivers an Authentic Basketball Experience Around the World

The second major aspect of NBA All-World revolves around real-world basketball courts, with more than 100,000 indexed before the start of the game. Here, players can find leaderboards and challenge other players to matches. This game revolves around fluid swiping and tapping movements designed to be easily performed while walking while using a realistic movement system. Ratings will reset once a week, and ranked players will receive special bonuses at that time.

Similar to Pokémon GO’s PokéStops home rewards, players will be able to find drop zones based on actual locations at NBA All-World. What players can get in these drop zones varies – banks can provide players with cash, clothing and footwear retailers can offer new gear, and restaurants will offer special food and drinks to players. Basketball arenas will also appear in the game and will have special equipment that players can find there, as well as unique events that will sometimes take place there.

Niantic has recruited many famous players, brands and musicians to add authenticity and a sense of community to NBA All-World. Game ambassadors include Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Jalen Green. Players will be able to purchase gear from brands like Adidas and PUMA to customize their teams and listen to in-game music from artists like Saweetie, T-Pain and Tyga. Niantic has confirmed that in-game microtransactions will be part of the game for players to purchase things like power-ups and gear, although the exact details of what this will entail have not been explored.

NBA All-World seems to be a game that attracts basketball fans. The game’s AR elements will get players outdoors and on the move, and the hope is that the inclusion of the game’s real-world areas will lead to more gaming with friends outside of the game’s augmented reality. mobile as well as within it. Players will be able to check out the NBA All-World editions today.

NBA All-World is coming to mobile platforms today, January 24th.

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