Lens. BYmyCAR is changing the way cars are sold

Website car market is fully (and complexly) evolved and distribution . There are signs of a digital shift, but analysts agree that many potential buyers in countries like ours still opt for the traditional method. We talked about it with a great player BYmyCAR : 110 sales points in France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy, more than 3,000 employees, 22 brands are represented, approximately 80,000 cars are sold per year and a turnover of 1.5 billion euros. about 2.4 billion euros last year. In Italy, it debuted a year ago with the acquisition of the previously directly managed Milan dealerships. Bmw Italy under the flag BMW Milano . At the head of the French giant – as CEO and shareholder – is Carlos Gomes Experienced manager responsible for the Piraeus Peninsula of Fiat and PSA South America and China before becoming Executive Vice President under Carlos Tavares.

“The transaction with BMW Milan was the first to internationalize our presence before the one with Renault in Barcelona and BMW in Madrid; therefore we are today the leading distribution group in France as well as in Southern Europe Foreign sales make up more than 15% of our turnover,” says Gomes. In the proposal, electricity plays an important role. “We have a hundred products on our list, and new ones arrive every day from classic manufacturers, as well as unknown ones. For example, we announced our partnership BYD We will be the first distributor in France. The market demands compact electrics, but there are a number of customers who want bigger machines and the brands have the resources to provide them: e.g. BMW i4, iX and i7 . It is an unstoppable trend, especially in some cities where the share reaches 20%, and customers are getting ready to deal with it because it is not easy,” he notes.

And we come to distribution. Several decided to change the house from a concession-based system to an agency contract. “We adapt to the wishes of producers who make different choices. We have contracts with flat prices for the entire market without any flexibility, while others, on the contrary, leave room for maneuver, albeit reduced, to the agent”, emphasizes the CEO of BYmyCar: “We are at a point where everyone is learning what the best system will be. : we will do analysis to understand what works well for the customer and what works well for us, and there is a path that we will follow over the next three or four years. The distributor comes from complicated years and always deals with deadlines that cause him some problems. There is not a shortage of demand, but a shortage of products: it is no coincidence that we end the year with an order book of almost 19,000 units, compared to 17,000 units at the end of 2021.”

BYmyCAR started as a distribution group, but now wants to deal with mobility in a broader sense. . Hence the project Spacemobiles It is organized in three sections. The first concerns the distribution of cars, and in addition to BYmyCAR, EliteAuto includes a multibrand digital sales platform with approximately 10,000 vehicles per year. The second is the mobility and services division, which includes a short-term rental company, an Uber-style taxi service bought by Renault two years ago, and a digital driving school (for theory training) that already trains 800,000 students. young people will save several hundred euros. Finally, the third is the technology division, which deals with the digitization of processes for dealers. “The combination of these services will allow us to offer customers mobility solutions adapted to all needs from one day to one month or three years,” concludes Mr. Gomes.

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