German youth on the long road to the blues

Juri Knorr, Germany’s number 1 threat IMAGO/Tilo Wiedensohler / PANORAMIC

DECORATION – The road eventually rises. After a fortnight of competition that has been mastered without much difficulty, the Blues approach this Wednesday’s (8.30pm) quarter-final against a rejuvenated Germany with ambition and confidence.

France-Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals this Wednesday (8:30 p.m.). The first real mountain step towards the Blues’ stated goal: six years after the last, to hang a seventh world star in the jersey. Pathetic, reigning Olympic champions”he wants to win over everyone“The right winger activates Dika Mem. So they made it a point of honor to cap off an unblemished run so far with their sixth win in six games against Spain (28-26) on Sunday. What the Germans failed to do when they lost to Norway by the same score (26-28) on Monday evening. The match that the French are watching with interest…

So they go forward with an extra day off, a good dose of confidence despite the many injuries since pre-season (will Elohim Prandi recover this Wednesday?) and perhaps a slight advantage in experience over the Mannschaft. . After the 2019 World Cup bronze medal and the last two matches between the two teams in the pools of the 2021 Olympics, won by France, Germany’s profile has indeed changed. The exit was left to a new generation led by left winger Uwe Gensheimer or backs Steffen Weinhold and Hendrik Pekeler, retired internationals, elbow room Juri Knorr.

Knorr gives its partners (very) good soup

“Kentin Mahe, the 22-year-old son of former international Thomas Knorr (who participated in the 1996 Olympics), is the central midfielder of Rhine Neckar Löwen,” said Kentin builder“what was he looking for”Germany for yearsto bring him a little madness. The Bundesliga’s third top scorer (and first German), best passer at the World Cup (6 assists per game), Knorr, who made his professional debut with FC Barcelona in 2018, aged 18, before returning to the country, “it can do almost anythingAccording to Mahe. “He plays in defense, raises the ball, distributes it very well, scores penalties“Develops the center half of the Blues. What Vincent Gérard affirms: “He is truly an explosive leader at the highest level.“His sudden burst in support is also terrible, as he showed in the first half against the Norwegians before putting his foot down. “He is still youngMahe breathes. “It is up to us to show him that our defense (the Germans) is tougher and better than what they have faced during this World Cup.“The center half adds.

Very solid keeper, some long range shooters

Now, if Knorr is Mannschaft’s top scorer since the start of the competition (37 goals), he is not the only threat. Quite the opposite. With 23 goals scored and an excellent 85% shooting success rate, pivot Jannik Kohlbacher (27) is quite effective, if not particularly impressive, especially since he knows Knorr perfectly to develop with him in Rhine-Neckar. Pivot position particularly well secured with captain Johannes Golla (25) scoring 23 goals. Also keep an eye on wingers Patrick Groetzki (age 33, 19 goals) and Lukas Mertens (age 26, 17 goals) who have over 80% success. On the other hand, contrary to its custom, the Mannschaft does not have long-range shooters, nine-meter artists, since only Juri Knorr has shot more than ten times from this distance since the start of the World Cup, which is very few. Finally, as a goalkeeper, Andreas Wolff (31) remains a very solid, experienced last bastion, converting with 36% saves.

Nevertheless, like gondola boss Juri Knorr, without a podium since the glorious 2016 (European champion, third at the Rio Games), this Germany looks a bit younger, more programmed for Euro 2024 and especially the 2027 World Cup. Cup, both at home. The Blues look ripe for a return to the roof of the world a year and a half after Olympic gold.

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