CHU de Montpellier / MO.CO: prescription art courses for depressed patients

MO.CO hard art center in Montpellier, rue de la République (©MO.CO)

This The first in France and it happens Montpellier : medical prescriptions for free visits to the museum thanks to an unprecedented partnership between Guilhem du Montpellier University Hospital and MO.CO With the support of Montpellier Contemporain, Culture Santé – Regional Health Agency -ARS- Occitanie and Regional Office of Religious Affairs, DRAC Occitanie. This project Recipe Art It falls under the candidacy of Montpellier European Capital of Culture 2028.

MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain has inaugurated an unprecedented partnership project in France at the Psychiatric Emergency and Post-Emergency Department -DUPUP- of the Montpellier University Hospital, MO.CO. Recipe Art. It is based on the shared trust of the MO.CO artistic ecosystem. and Montpellier DUPUP/CHU, stronger after that The Covid-19 pandemicthat there is an urgent need to raise awareness of the benefits of art engagement for mental health and aims to get patients out of hospital by prescribing art.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, The research demonstrates the beneficial effects of art on health and well-being. “Given the level of psychosocial difficulties present in society, it seems crucial to engage our fellow citizens in creative activities to ensure the promotion of well-being, health and social capital. The important pilot project, if it comes to fruition at the end of the scientific studies that accompany it, aims to continue and shine, allowing many other projects of the Art of Recipes to see the light of day throughout France”. , we explain to MO.CO.

Meetings, exhibitions and seminars

What is Prescriptive Art? This initiative offers patients an awareness of art and a commitment to the artistic creative process. People sent to MO.CO by DUPUP of CHU. benefit from a full program combining works and meetings with the artists, visits to exhibitions and art practice workshops specially designed by guest artists and based on MO.CO programming. They were given MO.CO throughout the program. supported by the community service team, which has a long history of implementing numerous tailored and a la carte actions aimed at culturally marginalized or disadvantaged people.


Programs for patients depressive episodes. Workshops are led by artists within MO.CO’s two art centers. These cultural spaces in the heart of the city, including cafes and restaurants, student houses, bookstores, gardens, patios are the main elements of this non-disease process. Through encounters with art, workshop participants can escape, address the artistic and social issues that drive artists, and explore their creativity. They discuss, participate in the process of artistic creation and build together with the artist around his project, establish new social relations and mutually enrich each other’s experiences.

Artists invited by MO.CO. working with a group of patients for one month each. Last year, the program involved three different groups of approximately 10/12 patients who were assigned one-month art courses. For the first group of patients, the artist Bianca Bondi carried out a workshop / intervention program in March that included artistic practice workshops (2 hour sessions / once a week), reflecting the exhibition of Max Hooper Schneider.
Then there was the choreographer Anne Lopez, who developed a choreographic practice workshop confronting the works around the Trans(m)issions exhibition, over four 2-hour sessions over 4 consecutive weeks between April and May 2022.

How is it going ? Prescription art is an opportunity to build a close collaboration between the Montpellier University Hospital and MO.CO teams. but also among psychiatry interns and art students of MO.CO. Esba (School of Fine Arts). Thus, MO.CO Esba followed a pair of student and psychiatry intern seminars, observed the progress of the groups, and imagined a way to explain this collective experience. A third group of patients was offered a new program by artist Suzy Lelièvre last fall at the invitation of MO.CO. At the end of the program, a refund will take place on MO.CO. and with a public meeting and screening of a documentary film about the project at Montpellier University Hospital.

Videos: currently on Actu
Montpellier University Hospital website
Montpellier University Hospital website (©Facebook)

Scientific studies are being conducted around the pilot project. “A recent WHO (World Health Organization) report shows that artistic engagement and participation creative activity improving well-being, quality of life, physical and mental health and social capital. Moreover, men throughout history have used images, stories, dances, and songs healing rituals and relief. However, creating art is not easy, and its development can be either stifled or nurtured by many cultural and social factors. If education and loneliness are barriers to access to the Arts, depression remains a major barrier. Therefore, it is important to support these people so that they feel more capable and motivated,” we tell MO.CO.

Unprecedented cooperation

This project is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between MO.CO. Modern Montpellier and Montpellier University Hospital. Bringing together an art school and two contemporary art centers, a unique artistic ecosystem from training to collection, production, exhibition and mediation: MO.CO. Esba (Montpellier School of Fine Arts), MO.CO. Panacée (modern creative laboratory) and MO.CO. (area dedicated to international exhibitions). EPCC MO.CO. Benefiting from the support of DRAC Occitanie, Montpellier Mediterranean Metropolis and City of Montpelier.

DUPUP of Montpellier CHU is a department that has dedicated a large part of its care and research activities to the treatment of depression and illness. suicide prevention. It also includes a Psychiatric Emergency Department. It is from these care structures that patients benefiting from the Prescription Art program have been identified.

> Practical: MO.CO Museum, art center, 13 rue de la République in Montpellier. MO.CO. Panacée, 14 rue de l’Ecole de Pharmacy, Montpellier. MO.CO. Esba – School of Fine Arts, 130 rue Yehudi Menuhin in Montpellier. Montpellier University Hospital, 191 avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud. Fondation Guilhem, André Benech administrative center, 191 avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud in Montpellier

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