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The year of the rabbit has just opened, an opportunity to bring together the best examples of football planet in a great looking eleven. And yet Bernard “Bunny” Larkin, Panpan Li and Antonin Lelièvre remained at the bottom of the nest.


Oscar Perez
Mexican goalkeeper Oscar Perez guarding the cages Sorting He earned his nickname at the 2002 and 2010 World Cups “Conejo” – Rabbit with the language of Cervantes. So iconic that Pepsi decided to troll him in one of their commercials. Sorry Oscar, but soft drinks are not for rabbits.


John Peter Rabbit
creatorsInazuma Eleven Go apparently gave the name in reference to Jean-Pierre Papin. However, he will not end his career in the US club Lège-Cap Ferret. Jean-Pierre Lapin, who is convincing as a goalkeeper thanks to his crazy rest, also plays in defense for Raimon. A real electric battery that can multiply the races on the side.

Humberto Coelho
Alice’s Rabbit was always late, but Benfica’s Coelho was always ahead. But they have one thing in common: they both have mustaches.

Ivan Rabbit
A defender without great talent, he nevertheless managed to sign a contract in Zenith St. Petersburg, the club stuck with Bayern 4-0. The famous whip.

Stephane Lievre
Lièvre, who won Ligue 2 with Caen and Toulouse, also won the French Cup with Nantes in 2000. The type that sets the pace for others to shine.


Guengat Rabbits
Rabbits appreciate the mild climate, so Finistère has a lot to thrive on. Guengat Rabbits, to the point of forming a club. The seniors play in Region 2, but contrary to popular belief, they’re not content to just hang out at the bottom of their slot: they got stuck in Fouesnant last month, 9-1.

Red Rabbit
En Avant fans headquarters, 600 meters from Roudourou, Le Lapin rouge has everything you need to keep the house in the midfield. No one will come to move it.

Cute Rabbit
Scunthorpe United are languishing in the National League red zone, but their mascot is in top form. Scunny Bunny, who won an award at the 2018 Family Excellence Awards, showed off her amazing form as she ran the London Marathon in aid of pancreatic cancer research. This shows the extent of his potential carnage in midfield. “70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, and the rest is covered by the Scunny Bunny. »


Eric Parsons
After serving in North Africa during the Second World War, the Englishman shone at West Ham and Chelsea, notably winning the national title in 1955. Blues. So fast and difficult that they called him “Rabbit”.

Khadija Shaw
His brother nicknamed him “Rabbit” because he loves carrots. The “Manchester City” striker, who emerged in Bordeaux, has remained close to nature since his planting. Goals, not vegetables.

Javier Saviola
Small size, visible incisors and explosiveness: the Argentine also ticked all the boxes to be called upon, “El Conejo” . Unsurprisingly, he has stood up at almost every club in the second half of his career.


Black shirt, red shorts, yellow socks: Bernie wore German colors at Euro 1988. He even almost returned for the 2006 World Cup. His supporters were finally blown away by this big sucker from Goleo, but we know Bernie would eat it up. alive

Thomas Muller
The 2014 world champion is a friend of lepers as he lives with five rabbits and two rabbits. Donald, Zimt, Hekse, Charly or even Polly are conveniently installed in the XXL case, which the player and his wife clean themselves. When you are a journalist Image When asked if he would like to feed Erling Haaland, Müller replied that he would rather feed his rabbits. He’s not the type to root for his friends.

Touch of Roland Courbis
It was quite effective in the 1990s, especially in Bordeaux, where it was once placed twenty centimeters below the center circle.

Franck Ribery
We knew the father chicken or the father penguin who was bored in the ice pile. Frankie gave us the papa bunny.

Bruno Carotti
A teacher from Montpellier took Bruno Carotti to his father “It would only be good for grazing” . Well, but the Stadio delle Alpi in the semi-finals of the Champions League or the grass of the Parc des Princes for the final of the Coupe de France. Never treat Carotti like a three-week-old rabbit…

By Quentin Ballue

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