Thiers art school participates in the new edition of the night of the conservatories

Since 2017, the Georges-Guillot conservatoire, an artistic educational institution with a departmental profession located in Thiers, is part of the national event La nuit des conservatoires. In 2023, it will be held on Friday, January 27. An important opportunity to highlight the creativity, dynamism and diversity of the space, especially after the Covid years.

With this free event, we want to remove the conservatory from the elitist view it can be locked into and highlight our work for an audience of 0 to 108 years.

announces Emmanuelle Gillet, co-director of the place. A team of 30 teachers who have developed an ambitious program to promote their work and the institution’s 500 students have long been a challenge. There are at least 11 activities in the program from 16.45. Three main points stand out.

The first consists of an exhibition called “Contemporary dance in question, presenting the discipline in the form of a guided tour.” The choreographic center in Clermont was made possible thanks to Boom’Structur, which is linked to the Thiers conservatory with a convention that will open up new local cultural perspectives. This visit will be followed by the show “Au cœur de la danse”, which will present the work of the students during a workshop with choreographer Karima El Amrani in the Salle Galilée at Espace.

Classical music lovers and those interested will gather around “Éclats multiples”. Three professors of the conservatory on piano, voice and flute introduce you to the world of 20th century music with selections from the works of Strauss, Debussy, Ravel… in the Bartok room of the conservatory.

Current enhanced music lessons will make their instruments resonate during a rock concert. In a beautiful room, students meet the community for guaranteed success in the Metro room.

From 16:45 in the Boulez room of the Conservatory “Music for my doudou”, a musical moment for babies up to 4 years old.

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At 5:30 p.m., “Les petits polysons” invites children aged 4-5 to play in the Conservatory’s Salle Boulez.

Meanwhile, Come to My Orchestra invites the public to attend a student rehearsal in the Armstrong Room at Espace.

award The “P’tit café qu’on servi” at the conservatory of Thiers (Puy-de-Dôme) allows the first contact with the scene.

From 5:30 p.m., students in theater classes are offered to participate in theater plays in the Bartok Room of the Conservatory.

At 17.45 “Solfege or FM?” Not the same! », a music training course to gain insight into music theory in the Copernicus Room at Espace. To close the day, a cabaret night organized by Aped will start at 20:30. Choreographed interludes will punctuate a paella dinner (for a fee) in the Armstrong Room.

Mathieu Verlaine

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