Seven years later, Kyrie Irving is still causing misery for the Warriors!

Thanks to 20 points from the duo of Royce O’Neale and Kyrie Irving, who gained speed from a weakly concentrated Golden State defense, the Nets race for the lead (18-10). Stephen Curry’s awakening from the Warriors defense, combined with good inputs from Looney and DiVincenzo, allows Golden State to end the quarter with a 23-10 (33-28) lead.

Despite the crazy address of the two teams (60%), their defensive activity is for rent. However, it was six turnovers from Brooklyn that were converted into twelve points by the Warriors (52-46) that made the difference. Barring Kyrie Irving’s magic tricks, the Nets’ offense is struggling. The pair of Curry and Poole shot 15-3, putting Golden State at +17 (70-53). 7-0 Nets needed just before halftime to limit the damage (72-60).

As the game began, the Nets came out of the starting blocks with a 15-3 run thanks to Kyrie Irving’s eight points, which brought them back into the tie (75-75)! Despite Stephen Curry winning the award, the Warriors are next to their pumps in this third quarter and Brooklyn takes advantage of the passing opportunity (84-80). However, Steve Kerr’s men manage to recover thanks to Stephen Curry and Jonathan Kuminga. They went on a 10-2 run to regain the lead (90-86).

The Warriors defense continues its momentum. The Nets scored just seven points in the first five minutes of the final quarter, and seven points from Jordan Poole led Golden State to halftime (106-93). However, the Nets are sticking around. Although the Warriors wanted to play until they lost their rhythm on Klay Thompson, who was stubbornly defended by Seth Curry, Irving and Claxton outscored them on a 14-4 run to get back to -3 (110-107). In the process, Joe Harris’ 3-pointer puts the two teams back-to-back (112-112).

Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry traded baskets, Royce O’Neale replaced Irving, conditioned the Chase Center with a 3-pointer and made the nets +2 (118-116) with 27 seconds left in the game. On the ensuing drive, Klay Thompson, then 4-of-16 on the field and 0-of-6 from three, runs and hits a long shot with 20 seconds to play. He misses and Brooklyn walks away from the Chase Center with the win. Fighters cannot chain.


– Nets stray bullets. Based on the two teams’ shooting percentages at halftime (GSW: 59% vs. 53% 3-pointers | BK: 55% vs. 47% 3-pointers), you’d think the two defenses were in subs. . No way! It was nine turnovers caused by the Warriors defense that made the difference. Golden State actually scored fifteen points on the Nets’ bids, but also only committed four turnovers, a rarity this season. That’s what made the difference in the Warriors’ favor in the first half.

– 24-8 which resets the match. Unlike the past eight years, the third quarter is the Warriors’ worst this season, and the Nets took advantage. They started a 15-3 run, thanks in particular to Nic Claxton’s scoring and Kyrie Irving’s creation, but also switched to all screens on defense. The Warriors offense then lost steam to the point of missing 15 of their first 18 attempts! Brooklyn outscored them 24-8 in nine minutes, 31-10 if we add the last two minutes of the first half!

27-10 giving Brooklyn the win. Behind Jordan Poole, the Warriors started the final quarter on a 16-7 run to take a 13-point lead. Already reveling in the 49ers’ win earlier in the afternoon, the Chase Center was already celebrating a victory with arms outstretched to the Warriors. But these Warriors have a habit of shooting themselves in the foot late in the game. Instead of continuing to attack the circle, they settled for forced shots from long and mid-range. Their beat steamed open the door to the Kyrie Irving fest. The Nets point guard had 12 points and four assists, including the last one to Royce O’Neale with 27 seconds left, as Brooklyn took a devastating 27-10 lead that silenced the Chase Center.


Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn guard continued his momentum from last game against the Jazz, scoring 38 points on 12-of-22 shooting, including 12 in the final quarter. He also had 9 assists and 7 rebounds.

Nic Claxton. Despite going 6/15 on free throws, the Nets center was invaluable, and his deal with Kyrie Irving allowed him to score 24 points. He also grabbed 15 rebounds and had 3 blocks!

Draymond Green. Again in the oven and the mill, Green failed to achieve a triple-double with 9 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.

Jonathan Kuminga. While Andrew Wiggins struggled, Kuminga was invaluable tonight. He made Kyrie Irving work and added 20 points near the rim to punish the keys of the Brooklyn defense.

✅ ⛔ Stephen Curry. The two-time MVP was composed and effective through three quarters with 24 points on just 12 shots, 7 assists and 6 rebounds. He was only subdued, looking transparent at the end of the match, 2 points on 0/4 shots

Andrew Wiggins. The Golden State wing continues to struggle with his shot after returning from injury. He finished the night with just 4 points on 2/9 shooting. Kerr favored Kuminga more than him late in the game.

Clay Thompson. The Splash Brother finished the game 4-of-17 on field goals and 0-of-7 on three-pointers with 10 points. It’s the first time since Oct. 25 and his firing from Phoenix that he hasn’t made a 3-pointer in a game.


Golden State (23-24) : Taking on Memphis on Wednesday.

Brooklyn (29-17): Travel to Philadelphia on Wednesday.

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