Seine-et-Marne: come and learn to draw or paint in a warm atmosphere

Members of the art and painting association meet in a room at the Tourist Office. ©LPB/77

Association Art and painting La Ferté-Gaucher (Seine-et-Marne) is very new. It is managed by the association Therese, a resident of La Ferté-Gaucher, is passionate about painting. Just then inside August 2022, Teres has an idea to offer painting and drawing workshops to local residents. The only concern is that he didn’t have a place at the time: “I had the idea about four years ago because I knew there was nothing for La Ferte-Lefty. draw and paint. “My friends and I knew each other from other art classes, and then we wanted to meet here and paint together.” It was then, towards the end of 2022, that the city municipality came together to offer the association a dedicated room for painting and drawing. This has been going on for a few weeks now as Art and Painting invites you to come and paint or draw A room on the first floor of the Tourist Office from the city. Art et peinture members also express their gratitude to the municipality for making this room available: “We thank the mayor. Michael Johnsonas well as’Aurelien Monnerat for their support and help. Thanks to the town hall, it can accommodate art and painting lovers in a large room that can even accommodate exhibitions. While waiting for the exhibition, Teres and her friends are waiting for you there From 14:00 to 16:45..

Thursday classes

Every Thursday, Art and painting welcome you to this welcoming room. And on Thursday, January 12, six women paint and draw in their new and beautiful space. All are passionate about the art of creating unique items with acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, pastel or pencil. All have small equipment, but they give mutual advice and, above all, a lot of kindness. “These workshops are for beginners and experienced adults. We welcome all levels. Even those who know how to draw well can come and help with their knowledge. We really want to have new people with us. We don’t have a teacher, we help each other,” says Teres.

These workshops are completely free, because you draw what you want. You can come up with a model or your own fantasy! But you must come with your own equipment. Then you can put it away in a safe place for future lessons. The six participating women will be able to share their knowledge and kindness with you.

Sometimes a small team even poses challenges. Indeed, on Thursday, January 12, they all chose a common pattern that they would reproduce the following week. Selected style, technique or colors may vary. Challenging each other is also something these women love! It’s not always easy to start painting or drawing, but with Art and Painting it comes naturally.

Exhibition project

This new room will also accommodate exhibitions because it is equipped with picture rails that allow you to hang paintings on the wall. “We would very much like to hold an exhibition in this room in the spring. The exhibition will be quite open, there will be no specific topic. This would allow the residents of La Ferté-Gaucher to discover not only our paintings and drawings. In our previous classes, we exhibited a lot, so we would like to do it again,” says Teres. An idea already supported by the mayor.

Whether you like drawing or painting or want to explore this universe, then do not hesitate to come every Thursday afternoon and discover Art and painting. “Friendship and sharing are key words. There is no class, you are free. You have no complexes, you will learn or improve by practicing. We are here to have fun first and foremost,” Teres concludes.

Practical information: Tel. : 06 59 60 19 75. Address: 35 rue des Promenades, La Ferté-Gaucher tourist office. Classes every Thursday from 14:00 to 16:45.

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