Sébastien Delage, Nicolas Maury, Adam Naas… Three strange artists to discover this Friday

It is a happy coincidence that three singers are open strange release an album this friday. Sébastien Delage and Nicolas Maury are the first records, and Adam Naas is the second. Pop, electro or rock songs about homosexuality and gay love to warm up the end of winter.

Never two without three. This Friday, the day of the release of artists from the world of music, a happy coincidence of three singers in public strange release an album at the same time. Sébastien Delage and Nicolas Maury are the first records, and Adam Naas is the second. Three projects in the antipodes, showing that we can talk about homosexuality and homosexuality in different ways, pop, electro or rock tunes and hit the mark.

Sebastien Delage, Not understood

Not understood, the debut album from Sébastien Delage, former member of pop duo Hollydays, is deceptively titled. Listening to his ten tracks, including the disc’s opener of the same name, we realize that the thick-mustached artist has a lot figured out. About his life, his life in general. But also the world of music and the marketing that sometimes drives it. In 2018, he was actually advised by a major record label to hide his homosexuality. With obvious rock titles strangeit proves that we can talk about gay love without necessarily getting into activism, just telling stories. “A lot of us grew up without LGBTQIA+ representation in the arts or in school, whether it’s books, movies, television, video games, and that pushes a lot of kids away. strange telling themselves they are not “normal”. “, Sébastien Delage explains in the press release accompanying the release of the album. Composed in 2020 between the department of Landes and Paris, a few weeks after the artist was diagnosed with bipolar, Not understoodWith an eye on Beck and Etienne Daho, it is actually very personal, but also very universal and contemporary, as when he talks about this disorder (More noise), polyamorous (Polyamorous Trance), from his chosen family (very handsome L’Ossau) or sharp (Ballad about Jean-Louis). Nice disc.

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Nicholas Maury, Limoges porcelain

It’s not uncommon for actors to play singers and vice versa. Artists who excel in these two areas, such as Benjamin Biolay or Lady Gaga, are even rarer. Actor and director Nicholas Mauri falls more into this category. He is known for his role as Herve in the series Ten percent and for his wonderful first film Boy DiaperThe Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche (High Vienna) native releases his debut album today Limoges porcelain. A collection of lyrical songs of the pop and French variety, carefully crafted by Olivier Marguerit. The sound is soft, unadorned or unaffected, sometimes accompanied by dancing instrumentals (Mr, With him), sometimes dreamy (first fruits, This is a secret). Mainly cinematic titles can form the soundtrack of an actor’s next film. They are very reminiscent of Alex Beaupe’s works for the films of Christophe Onoré. Love songs in your mind. While he waits to shoot his new feature film, Nicolas Mauri will be hitting the roads of France from February to defend his promising debut album. It will especially go through the Francofolies de La Rochelle in July.

Adam Naas, Goldie and Andromeda Kiss

In our age of streaming and immediacy, waiting five years to release a new album can almost feel like artistic suicide. If it works for well-established artists like Rihanna or Madonna; For Frank Ocean or Lorde, with a devoted and devoted public, it is more dangerous for others. After the huge success of his first album Love albumAdam Naas waited five years to appoint his successor Goldie and Andromeda Kiss. But the singer strange he did well. Because this second effort takes the drifts of indie pop even further, even exploding any notion of musical genre, its songs are both rock (The Untold Story, Only Love Remains), folk (excellent hey boy and Forever Mine) from the American Country (By me). And sometimes all these genres at the same time, like sensual Dead Giveaway. With accents of David Bowie, Prince and Jeff Buckley, the unclassifiable voice of Adam Naas is the red thread of this rich artistic journey. If you liked Adam Naas in 2018, don’t miss his excellent second work.

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