AYANEO announces many new handheld consoles for 2023

AYANEO is here to give us a heads up, announcing the arrival of several portable consoles this year to fill out its already rich catalog.

Among the announcements of the Chinese company’s portable consoles, we have news of the AYANEO NEXT II, ​​which should finally go on sale in 2023. However, the brand has changed its strategy a bit and will equip it with AMD 7000 series processors. and not 6000 as originally intended.

At least six new products

Already strong with six portable consoles in its catalog, AYANEO’s lineup will continue to grow in the coming months. The Chinese manufacturer held an online launch event this week to mark the launch of its latest portable console. During the three-hour presentation, we were able to see the announcement of six devices, each with very different specifications, categorized by the brand’s screen size.

Among the most interesting and anticipated consoles is the Steam Deck competitor NEXT II. It was already announced in July 2022, but little news reached us at that time. We learned that this is because the company has decided to improve its offering. If it’s always going to be equipped with a dedicated graphics card (the console’s main point of interest) and an 8-inch screen, the NEXT II will house AMD’s 7000-series processors, not the 6000 as announced last year. However, we still don’t know anything about its release date or price, which should be pretty close to the $1,315 of the title’s first NEXT.

Handheld consoles for every taste

Along with NEXT II, ​​AYANEO also took the opportunity to very quickly announce the upcoming launch of a model called KUN. Portable console “Carries the spirit of exploration of NEXT II”. To be continued.

The rest of the presentation, as we said, was very rich. The company simply decided to flood the market with its portable consoles. The first-of-its-kind AIR Plus with a 6-inch 1080p display will offer three types of processors to choose from: the Intel i3-1215U, the AMD Mendocino processor, and surprisingly, the AMD 6800U, which is considered one of the best processors in the world.

Another big innovation in its lineup, the brand has lifted the lid on the AYANEO Slide console. The beast feature is a sliding screen that reveals a small keyboard below. It will also be equipped with an AMD 7000 series processor to optimize the gaming experience on its 6-inch screen that can tilt slightly forward.

The final console of the presentation: AYANEO Pocket AIR, scheduled for the second quarter. A small machine with a 5.5-inch OLED display and more specialized in emulating retro games. It should also allow cloud gaming like Logitech G Cloud, as one of the screenshots shared shows us Xbox Game Pass and the PlayStation Now icon on the home page.

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