Women’s League: Bourges Basket suffered but won at Landerneau

The eye of the special messenger

Bourges started the match successfully. After five minutes of play, Tango led 2-12 after 0-12 (including eight points from Kayla Alexander). However, Landerneau stepped up and increased the level of defensive aggressiveness. Dominating the rebounding battle (4-9 in this sector after five minutes), Burges left the second chance to his opponent who rallied in this sector (14-14 in rebounds after 14 minutes). Meanwhile, the Bretons responded with a 10-0 run (7-18 to 17-18 after 10 minutes). And then the match took place in an intense struggle.

Very quickly, key players on both sides (Anderson and Godin, then Alexander and Steinberga in Burges, Dongué, then Davis Landerneau) were punished for mistakes. The entire second quarter, and then the beginning of the third period, led to the transition to the score. In between, Tango managed a run that offered them some air (0-8, 48-54, 26) under the impetus of Yvonne Anderson (0 points after 20 minutes, 7 after 27).

In the boiling room of La Cimenterie, a room visited by about twenty supporters of Berruyer, Landerneau gradually gathered (61-61, 33). The Bretons dominated the interior, scoring 35 points off 11 offensive rebounds, as well as seven blocks (vs. Bourge’s 17) and 15 second-chance points. As in the third third, Tango managed a series in the middle of the period (0-9, 63-72, 36). An advantage that Tango was able to hold until the end of the match.

Player: Sarah Michel

As always, Burges Basket’s vice-captain was everywhere. A stat sums up Sarah Michel’s importance in Berruyer’s performance Saturday night: she scored 24 more points than Tango conceded while she was on the court. What really stands out in such a tight meeting. As usual, he was very active on defense (including 6 rebounds and 5 steals). He also had 4 assists.

Statistics: 26

This is Kayla Alexander’s review. While the Breton racquet dominated at the collegiate level, Bourges Basket’s Canadian interior provided a tremendous match. He finished the game with 22 points and 7 rebounds. Kayla Alexander is the top scorer of the match ahead of Anete Steinberg.

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Game sheet

Landerneau Bretagne Basket – Tango Bourges Basket: 73-83. Quarters: 14-18, 23-22 (break: 37-40), 16-16, 20-27. Judges: Madam. Herpin, Oliot and Mme Voyeau.

Landerneau: Davis 17, Mane 3, Ngo Ndjok 9, Bremont, Dongue 8 (off), Evrard 2, Maket 4, Hattab 3, Simmons 8, Nunn 19. Ent. : Wani Muganguzi assisted by Virgil Lopez.

Bourges: Anderson 11, Steinberga 20, Bankole 5, Michel 8, Astier 7, Bnuenameu-Simo, Zodia 0, Godin 0 (cap.), Duchet 10, Alexander 22. Ent. : Assisted by Olivier Lafargue, Jérôme Authier and Virgile Abel.

To whom Landerneau,
Ludovic Auregan

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