Which electric cars with an environmental bonus have the most range?

Now only models below €47,000 have the eco-bonus. Among them are those who declare the best WLTP autonomy.

From January 1, 2023, the rules of the environmental bonus have been changed. They are hardened. After that, only electric (or hydrogen) vehicles are eligible for this subsidy. And there’s only one slice left, so it does a lot of cleaning on matching models. The bonus is indeed intended for cars priced below 47,000 euros.

Arguably, this serves to simplify the green bonus, although there are some subtleties, such as the curb weight of the vehicle being less than 2.4 tonnes.

Important element: the €47,000 limit applies to the purchase price, not the list price of the car. Think about it: for a model that slightly exceeds this amount, the seller will certainly make a small gesture to enter the bonus zone.

We have also taken this aspect into account to select the cars with the most autonomy from the €5,000 bonus, the criterion we are interested in here (not the possible price/km ratio).

Cupra Birthplace: 550 km

The Volkswagen ID.3’s Spanish cousin deserves interest. Its base price is 44,500 euros with a 204-horsepower unit and a range of 426 km. But to have a big battery with 230 hp, you only need to add 2000 €. So equipped, the Cupra Born VZ Battery XL shows a good range on the WLTP combined cycle of 550 km.

With a price of 46,500 €, on the other hand, you should not make a choice, otherwise you will exceed 47,000 €. The standard equipment is rich, however: full LED headlights, 19-inch discs, 12-inch touchscreen, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control… However, some extras can be obtained from the €2,000 discount mentioned in the Cupra offers.

The only “bonus” ID.3 is Pro Performance First with 204 hp and a range of 425 km (46,750 euros).

Volvo XC40 Charge: 515 km

In the catalog, the XC40 Recharge starts at 48,950 euros. But Volvo itself shows a discount of up to €46,990 in its online configurator! And therefore miss out on the bonus area. However, you have to settle for the basic Essential version, but the equipment is already rich: 12.3-inch digital instruments, 9-inch touchscreen with Google services, 19-inch wheels… Not to mention all the driving aids. First of all, there is no heat pump available in this configuration.

On the other hand, the good news is that this base version is now 252bhp rear-wheel drive with an 82kWh larger battery. This increases the range to 515 km on the WLTP combined cycle!

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Tesla Model 3: 510 km

As of January 1, no Tesla had a bonus (those priced below €60,000 received a €2,000 subsidy in 2022). But Tesla dropped the Model 3 and Y prices on January 13. As a result, the Propulsion version of the two models is once again eligible for the bonus. But inevitably, the advantage is given to the sedan: it is cheaper and offers more autonomy thanks to its more favorable aerodynamics. In the combined WLTP cycle, with 18-inch aero wheels, it claims an estimated range of 510 km (491 km confirmed with optional 19-inch wheels). The price is €44,990 or €39,990. Good point: now there is a choice between black or white for the free color.

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Hyundai Kona: 483 km

It is at the end of its life, but it has very nice remains. With its large 64 kWh battery, the electric Kona promises a range of up to 484 km, intuitive start-finish, already well-equipped: 17-inch wheels, digital instruments, silent entry, automatic air conditioning, reversing camera, parking help road. Its asset: At €41,700, the base price is more striking than the rest of this selection. Since the car is not retired, this price is negotiable.

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Renault Megane: 470 km

In order to have 470 km of mixed autonomy WLTP with the Megane, business customers should opt for the more Evolution ER version. So its look is simpler, with hubcaps and a less techno lighting signature. But a beautiful 12-inch touchscreen with Google-connected services, silent entry, induction charger, automatic high beams… The car costs €43,000 with a 130 hp unit, 7 kW AC power and DC 130 kW charging. Add €2,000 for AC 22kW charging).

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