LIVE VIDEO. Basket Landes and ASVEL are looking for the first victory in 2023 for the 10th day of the women’s championship

It’s a shock encounter where anything is possible. Landais must get out of the relegation zone and Lyon will want to regain the championship lead. Watch the France 3 Aquitaine and Rhône-Alpes live match on this 10th day of the French Championship at 15:10. With comments by Lucas Nicot and our consultant Marion Laborde. Always live, then repeat on

Basket Landes and ASVEL: the two women’s teams are experiencing a mixed start to the year. The course of the Basket Landes girls is several matches and the Lyonnaises, still leading at the end of 2022, have lost the last two matches. No win since the start of 2023. They have to give everything to get back into the game of the French championship on this 10th day.

Where did the confidence that the group gained in December go? A period where the Landais finally found their way to victory, chaining three successes in as many matches. Especially the latter against the reigning French champions, the Tangos, who have shown great promise for the transition to 2023.
After the match, head coach Julie Barennes sent a message to the dressing room: “We can achieve these performances and I want to show you that we can do it against any team. Believe in yourself and believe in what you do”

But after toasting this new year, the old dreams of the start of the season came back to haunt the Basket Landes house. Two net losses in the LFB by ten points. If the first ones in Montpellier (80-70) seem to be excused by gazelles confident in their strength, the last ones in Landerneau are less so (74-64). The Bretons, who are last in the championship, have won only one match so far.

Returning home to face the ASVEL armada, Basket Landes will therefore have to sublimate. The omnipresent Landaises at home will rely on several former Lyonnais. First, Kendra Chery, who has the distinction of becoming French champion with both clubs (2019, 2021), but also Lidija Turcinovic, who will find several former teammates, and of course Marine Fauthoux. The latter, who is on loan in 2021, is still with the Rhone club and seems to have passed another milestone this season (12.6 points, 5.2 assists). It is strange that the young international leader will play this game on the eve of his 22nd birthday!

Like Basket Landes in 2023, Lyon have yet to taste a league win since the start of the year. The blame for the first two matches was lost against their direct rivals! Burges at the Prado (88-77) and recently Montpellier at home (78-85). However, we should not erase the excellent results of the first part of the season, when David Gauthier’s team was the only leader in the championship and undefeated!

Because before this loss at Tangos, ASVEL was riding a 7-game winning streak with or without full manpower! Indeed, Marine Johannès, Julie Allemand or Alexia Chartereau saw the arrival of two other well-known international players last summer. Gabby Williams and Sandrine Gruda, who were injured at the beginning of the season, were able to find their place in the team. Gruda will also face Selin Dumerk, who won a silver medal at the London Olympics in 2012.

Will ASVEL be able to withstand the pressure? That’s the question everyone is asking. After these last two setbacks, Lyon will have no choice but to win away to stay ahead. Because now they are followed by Villeneuve d’Ascq, Lattes Montpellier and Bourges with the same record.

⇒ Issues in five questions to our consultant Marion Laborde

See you this Sunday at 15:10 in France 3 Aquitaine and Rhône-Alpes. The match was commented by journalists Lucas Nicot and Maria Laforcade together with our consultant Marion Laborde.

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