Basketball / After the defeat of Elan Béarnais against Roanne: watch out for the ice!

This is despite a very poor start with 10-23 from an unattractive 8ein the minute Elan was able to react, first collected, then took the lead, then widened the gap…

This is despite a very poor start with 10-23 from an unattractive 8e minute, Elan knew how to react, first take over, then take the lead, then widen the gap behind the extraordinary Garrett Sim, author of 27 vintage points, 7 of 9 on 3-pointers.

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Basketball: Not enough support for Garrett Sim at Elan Béarnais

After two away defeats and an uncertain position in the standings again, Elan had to win its first home game of the year. With +10 8 minutes to go, out of breath, Bearnais surrendered to Roanne (77-85), who avenged the first game. Elan, 17th, are relegated again before traveling to Le Mans next Saturday.

But instead of coming home with an eleven-point lead (69-58) a little less than eight minutes into the decision, Elan fell apart, unable to adapt to the strategic changes. The Roannais. The choir suddenly took over from the safe and greeted Pau, who was running out of positive imagination.

The results are definitely harmful going back to 17e place and a relegation dream hopping over Cami-Salie once again.

Oniangue: “It’s very disappointing”

Giovan Oniangue, who was called to testify as the joy of the visitor’s dressing room spread throughout the press room, did not run away questioning the management of the workforce at the end of the match. “Fatigue played a part,” asked the captain first. “We can do it in the first half with Ada (Sane) and Gerald (Ayayi) and then not at all. With Garrett (Sim) resting the lack of clarity at the end, I would certainly need more rotation, which was my situation. I’m also thinking about Ada who could be in the field. It’s very frustrating,” admits the winger, one of four green and whites in 32 minutes and more.

At the end of the second quarter, a great pass by Landing Sane (8 points) was left without a future.

At the end of the second quarter, a great pass by Landing Sane (8 points) was left without a future.

Nicola Sabatier

By making no changes throughout the entire final quarter, Eric Bartechek certainly made a mistake, easy to recognize after the fact but difficult to manage live. Did you have to remove the frames while everything was rolling? Would the bench allow you to keep the lead drilled? Should Ayayi have returned when Sim saw the circle as large as a basin? Should Cummings have been waived after an apparently bad evening (2-for-8, 4 points, 2 turnovers)? There are many questions.

In his turn at the helm, Eric Bartechki went straight to his culprit. “I have one regret that belongs to me, that I didn’t change the team more in the second half, and it hurts,” the coach covered his face. “We had a small difference, +9 with 6 minutes to go… Nothing changes when you work well. I can’t find time to bring Gerald (Ayayi) back into the game. Mike, John must have breathed, too…”

At Le Mans with the same?

Ayayi did not come off the bench after ten consecutive minutes of play (7 points from defense) before halftime. Ditto for Ada Sane, whose 8-point lead just before half-time was crucial and stuck around for the entire final quarter.

Eric Bartechecki insists: “At the end, we lack juice, clarity, we make mistakes in defense.” I regret that, I should have run more in the outer stations and station 4. The disappointment is great. We will have to digest, but it is difficult for now.

Touched, The ad hasn’t sunk in yet. Le Portel, Blois and Nancy are the same, with six wins each, hardly better. Their advantage: beating Ela in the first game. “We are aware of our complicated position, but we have to fight and work,” said Giovan Oniangue.

The next step will take Béarnais to Le Mans on Saturday, where he was disappointed to lose narrowly in Strasbourg (92-89) on Saturday.

As with Roanne, Manceaux, seeded 6th, did not forget that they fell into the trap when they lost 89-85 in Bern on December 17th. The best news for Elan in search of a new lease of life is that a month will bring him the reinforcement he hopes for, and Rickey McGill will not be a fruitless experiment.

An X-factor that could come in very handy in the final minutes on Saturday evening. “We’ve made some progress, but not much,” Eric Bartechki says of this increasingly relevant file.

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