17 best iPhone apps to find good deals

Do you like a good deal? If so, this iPhone apps folder is for you. The App Store is full of apps that offer money-saving tips, good addresses, tips and other discounts, or good finds that will always make you happy. Therefore, the selection of the week, as you surely understand, is dedicated to “good deals” applications for everyday purchases or the most exceptional ones. Your wallet will be happy!

Most of the apps presented here are free, paid ones are marked as such.

Discounts and gifts for your purchase


Based on the principle of group purchases, the program offers promotions every day in all major cities of France. Different sections focus on well-being to do and have fun for less.


Dealabs is a website that first tries to list the most interesting discount offers on the internet. Hi-tech, design, audio, video, there’s something for everyone, often with really good deals that make the app essential for any good web host.


The principle of Shopmium is innovative and fun at the same time. Simply put, the program offers a number of promotional products and sometimes even completely free. Go to the usual supermarket, buy the products and go home. Once you’re home, scan your product’s barcode and snap a nice photo of the receipt and you’re done. You will get the money back in a few days. A good way to try new products at a lower price.


Here is a digital version of the promotional catalogs of stores near you and can be navigated directly on your iPhone, iPad. To make sure you don’t miss anything without carrying around unnecessary paper:

Loyalty cards

The following two apps are primarily designed to offer you a way to keep your loyalty card collection warm on your iPhone. This has two advantages: don’t carry around a wallet as thick as it is wide, and take advantage of the good geolocation plans available in each of the apps:

The next one, Stocard, is a very practical app for loyalty card collectors, as it allows you to find all the digital versions of your store or service cards on your iPhone. It is sufficient to allow the iPhone customer number or barcode to be displayed and scanned in eligible checks. More than 300 store cards are already pre-installed, but it is possible to add others. In short, an app to prevent wallet tampering with multiple loyalty cards.

Resell junk items

Resell or buy secondhand to save money on anything you no longer use with these apps:

  • Momox: software that scans the barcodes of books, video games, CDs and DVDs and buys them back for a fixed price (free shipping). Doesn’t allow you to make a fortune, but to empty the cupboards and touch a small nest egg (prices vary, some very low)
  • Leboncoin: the classifieds site is improving year by year, now includes a payment system to win security, but young people prefer the following
  • Vinted: The Vinted app quickly became the benchmark for buying and selling second-hand clothes, and is now the benchmark in the field
  • Vestiaire Collective: The choice alternative to Vinted. By combining the two, you make a wide rake for buying and selling second-hand clothes
  • eBay: we no longer offer the most popular auction site on the web

Private sale

Private sales programs and sites offering mountains and wonders are common on the Internet. Here are three that will save you money on shopping. Be careful because you have to be quick, the items on offer are going fast.

Call and write without spending a penny

In parallel with FaceTime, some applications that are more universal than the solutions offered by Apple can easily find their place of choice on the iPhone and make it possible not to spend especially on phone calls.


Should we still introduce Skype? Skype lets you message, call, and even video conference between your iPhone and almost anything: PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablets, iPhone… and the list goes on. All this is free. In addition, you can call landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world and send SMS at discounted rates.


Libon also allows you to call your family or friends anywhere in the world at a special rate.

Save on refueling

While there are no programs that directly allow you to pay less for gas, some still help you save money. This applies to the following two apps that offer to find the cheapest station near your location. This is also a good way to make significant savings.

And finally, what’s the app that lets you save on your shopping every day of the week so you don’t miss a thing? Did you recognize him? This is the i-nfo.fr app of the iPhon.fr blog, which regularly offers you carefully sorted and selected tips, in addition to news, apps or accessory tests. Our app is free on the App Store, but we don’t teach you anything!

And finally, remember that this type of file cannot be complete. You will inevitably have other apps to recommend because you appreciate them and use them daily. Feel free to do so in the comments by mentioning their strengths and your preferences!

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