World Handball 2023 – France vs Spain: players, TV, schedule

After the victory over Iran (before even playing this game), the French team qualified for the 1/4 finals and will face the Spanish team, which took the first place in the group, with only one share. Therefore, this will be an opportunity for Guillaume Gille to rotate his squad, knowing that the next opponents, Germany or Norway, will simultaneously fight for the top spot in Group III. France/Montenegro presentation, 3rd and last game of the second round of the 2023 handball world.

World Handball 2023: The French want to face a big opponent

The French team, which qualified before entering the field against Iran, still took it upon itself to confirm the qualification for the quarter-finals (41-29). Resting Nikola Karabatic (foot injury), Vincent Gerrard or even Dika Mem (not fully recovered from injury) can protect the bodies.

The key question for this match against Spain will be: should this match be played in a stakes match configuration? It is impossible to know who the French team, which has the sole goal of first place, will play against. Germany and Norway played for the first place in Group III at the same time. Would it be the right time to relaunch the Dika Mem as the tough matches approach? Should we still keep Nikola Karabatic? Questions Guillaume Gille will have to decide, as the Spanish opposition may be the first test, but Spain still need to play this game to the full…

Composition of the French team

Guardians : Charles Bolzinger (Montpellier HB) – Remi Desbonnet (Montpellier HB) – Vincent Gérard (Saint Raphaël Var HB)

Left wing players : Mathieu Grebille (Paris SG HB) – Dylan Nahi (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Left backs : Thibaud Briet (HBC Nantes) – Nikola Karabatic (Paris SG HB) – Romain Lagarde (Pauc) – Elohim Prandi (Paris SG HB)

Center halves : Kentin Mahé (Veszprèm) – Nedim Remili (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Pivots : Ludovic Fabregas (FC Barcelona) – Luka Karabatic (Paris SG HB) (cap) – Nicolas Tournat (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Right backs : Dika Mem (FC Barcelona) – Melvyn Richardson (FC Barcelona)

Right wing players : Yanis Lenne (Montpellier HB) – Valentin Porte (Montpellier HB).

Trainer : G. Gilles

Handball World Cup 2023: La Roja still exists

The Spanish team, the European champion in 2018 and 2020, and the vice-champion of Europe in 2022, is one of the favorites this year as well. And so far he hasn’t had the slightest problem. La Roja, who easily took out the best of Montenegro, Iran and Chile in the first round, proved to be very attractive against Poland (27-23) and Slovenia (31-26) during the main tower.

Like the French team, the Spaniards will have the option of playing this match all-round or rotating their manpower. Anyway, Jordi Ribera has a squad of Liqui Moly Starliga well-known players. Starting with HBC Nantes’ Cauldi Odriozola, who has scored 22 goals since the start of the competition, he is a classy finisher who forms a very dangerous duo on the right with PSG’s partner Ferran Sole. If La Roja has strong arguments in attack, in defense they can count on goalkeeper Gonzalo Perez, who is in excellent form. The four-time Champions League winner FC Barcelona’s goalkeeper refers to the position the Blues will have to overcome. In short, assets that make Spain a contender for a new title on the world stage!

Composition of the Spanish national team

Guardians : Gonzalo Perez de Vargas (Barcelona) – Rodrigo Corrales (Veszprem) – Sergey Hernandez (SL Benfica)

Left wing players : Daniel Fernandez (Stuttgart) – Josep Folkes (Sporting Lisbon) – Miguel Sanchez (Kielce) – Angel Fernandez (Limoges)

Left backs : Dani Dujshebaev (Kielce) – Antonio Garcia (Granollers)

Central parts : Joan Canellas (Schaffhausen) – Agustin Casado (Melsungen) – Ian Tarrafeta (Aix)

Right backs : Alex Dujshebayev (Kielce) – Jorge Makeda (Nantes) – Imanol Garciandia (Szeged)

Right wing players : Ferran Sole (PSG) – Cauldi Odriozola (Nantes)

Pivots : Gedeon Guardiola (Lemgo) – Adria Figueras (Chartres) – Inaki Pecina (Chambery) – Abel Serdio (Visla Plock)

Trainer : Jordi Ribera

Situation in Group I (Krakow, Poland)

  1. France 8 points (+29)
  2. Spain 8 points (+27)
  3. Slovenia 4 points (+17)
  4. Poland 2 points (-8)
  5. Montenegro 2 points (-20)
  6. Iran 0 points (-45)

France/Spain match will be broadcast live on BeIN Sports 1 and TMC antennas from 21:00.

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