Local artists have been exhibiting since Saturday 21 January to kick off the city’s Millennium

Clermont artists will mark the beginning of 2023 synonymous with the start of festivities for the city of Clermont. Indeed, this year Clermont celebrates its Millennium. And to ensure that this exceptional anniversary did not go unnoticed, cultural assistant Cécile Grange worked tirelessly with the city’s cultural service, of which Emmanuel Bellanger was a part. Together, they have developed a very rich program that will be available for twelve months of the year. Therefore, the festivities will officially begin with the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, January 21. Artists in Clermont, yesterday and today It will be offered at Espace Séraphine Louis until March 12.

“There are many artists in Clermont”

During these seven weeks, the public will be able to discover the professional artists who have come from Clermont over the centuries. “It was not easy to find artists older than the 18th century. Emmanuel Bellanger emphasizes. But we were surprised that there were and still are many artists in Clermont.”

The presented exhibition is intended to be very open. The idea is to offer the public the opportunity to view or review works, each featuring its own author. “There are many topics on offer, Cécile Grange adds. Both religious and human figures, nudes, still lifes, landscapes and even comic strips.“Many contemporary artists will be exhibited at this event. In total, each of them will present three to four works. Most of them are artists, but it will also be possible to discover some sculptures by Clément Fourment and Valentin Carrie.

Works to be discovered during this exhibition

Some paintings by Paul Ambille, Michel-Pierre Brunet, Robert Boulet, Pierre Lonchamp, René Botti or Erlina Doho will appear. This will be an opportunity for some to be seen by the general public for the first time. “Some houses in Claremont have treasures, Cécile Grange assures. We would like to thank those who agreed to lend us certain works, as well as the association of friends of the artist Pierre Lonchamp, the Taylor Foundation, the Henri Theillou museum and the town hall, which has very attractive paintings.


The opening hours of Espace Séraphine Louis have changed. The premises are now open on Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm, as well as from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday. It is no longer possible to visit the cultural site on Wednesday afternoon. From 11 rue du prison in Clermont. ADMISSION IS FREE.

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An original exhibition in Oise to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of this city

Clermont’s millennium is 2023. The city is planning many events and celebrations to celebrate this special anniversary. Among the various projects, the one led by Diaphane ended on December 14th and will be exhibited in the spring, from March 18th to April 30th, at the Espace Séraphine Louis. “The project consists of producing a series of photo sketches depicting historical events or emblematic figures who have marked the life of Clermont. Estelle Hostiou, project manager of the Diaphane photo division, emphasizes. For each visual, artist Gil Lefauconnier works all day with an association or structure.

The clothes and accessories for this exhibition were designed by the speakers in one day.

There is a lot of work before the exhibition

On Wednesday, December 14, five young people from the Local Mission played the game.I chose General Pershing’s theme, Gil Lefauconnier explains. I shot a scene with the characters. The goal of the day is to make clothes and accessories all out of cardboard and paper. I would then take pictures of everyone wearing the clothes and in post production I would combine each person with the decor I made on a cardboard model..”

This creative work alone sometimes gives good laughs. The young people of the local Mission make every detail (shoes, belts, medals, caps, etc.)

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