Johnny Hallyday’s Porsche 911 SC Alméras is for sale on Retromobile

Known for his love of American motorcycles, Johnny Halliday was also a great sports car enthusiast. One of the rocker’s former Porsches will be offered by Artcurial during the Retromobile: a 1979 911 SC extensively modified by the Alméras brothers.

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Built by the Alméras brothers in Montpellier, this 1979 Porsche 911 SC was owned by Johnny Hallyday. It will be auctioned by Artcurial during Retromobile 2023.


Ferrari 512 TR, Audi A8 W12, Ford Mustang, Jaguar Type E, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Hummer H1 or even Smart Fortwo… Johnny Halliday offered himself many and varied cars during his stellar career. Therefore, it makes sense to see some of the former cars of the rocker, who died in 2017, regularly come up for sale. In June 2019, it appeared at an auction organized by the house of Aguttes. But at least then it did not find a buyer. it is not official. Fans of the singer will therefore soon have a new chance to acquire this German sports car. provided you have a solid budget. It is now valued at between €250,000 and €300,000, which is higher than four years ago.

More than 58,000 euros of preparation in Alméras

This Porsche 911 is not only special because of the personality of its first owner, Jean-Philippe Smet aka Johnny Hallyday. Immediately after the purchase, the French rock star entrusted his car to the Alméras brothers in Montpellier, who specialize in the development of models of the Stuttgart brand. Later, they increased the displacement of the naturally aspirated six-cylinder straight-six from 3 to 3.5 liters and changed various parts such as camshafts, injection system, crankshaft or fuel pump. Even if power isn’t specified, it’s higher than the 188 hp originally produced by the 911 SC in 1979. The chassis has been redesigned accordingly. Brake discs and calipers now come from the 3.3 Turbo version, shock absorbers are ordered from Bilstein and the anti-roll bars are stiffer. As for aesthetics, it is seriously virilized thanks to the famous “Turbo Look”, wide Gotti rims with removable covers, a bumper inspired by the 934 racing or Marchal high-beam headlamps. In total, Johnny will have spent 100,000 F on this prep, which includes the exhaust line, front radiator, or Pioneer radio. That’s more than 58,000 current euros adjusted for inflation!

80,000 km was covered by Johnny

The young idol would cover more than 80,000 km in his short time behind the wheel of this 911 before selling it in January 1983. One of its next owners will modify it again to participate in sporting events and it has even had an FFSA passport since 2012. But according to Artcurial, he never entered the competition. He would be happy to make a few appearances on the circuit. In a book devoted to Johnny’s cars and motorcycles, it was mistakenly presented as a 930 Turbo. this Porsche will be sold with copies of registration documents to confirm that it belongs to the singer. A large invoice file and technical review will also be provided. Will that be enough to keep suitors interested beyond 2019? See you at the Artcurial sale at Rétromobile on February 3, 2023 to find out.


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