Best alternative to PDF Expert or Adobe Acrobat for Apple users?

PDF (Portable Document Format) files have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are used in almost all professional digital documents due to their stability and reliability in document sharing across various devices as well as in the cloud.

However, PDFs can be difficult to edit once created -even if this limitation is at the origin of the popularity of these files, which retain their structure regardless of platform. PDF editor is a tool to help users manage PDF files. Adobe, the company behind PDF, has thus established a solid foothold in the industry and offers tools such as Adobe Acrobat, but the latter – quite complicated to use – is not for everyone.

What is UPDF used for?

UPDF is undoubtedly one of the best PDF editors out there. Superace Software offers a variety of tools for its clients, and this is one of its most promising features Ability to edit anything in PDF files, be it text, images, links, watermarks and backgrounds. PDF exchange through a simple link makes it very easy!

Users can too Read and save PDF files using UPDF. An annotation can be useful when a user wants to show something, but doesn’t want to change the entire file. This feature can be used for comments so that other people can get more context in the content.

Since PDF files can have more than one page, it will not be convenient to reorganize them by creating a new PDF. UPDF can quickly extract, insert, rotate, rearrange pages at the discretion of the users.

Another feature of UPDF worth noting is its ability to convert PDF files with optical character recognition (OCR).. This powerful tool allows users to copy text from image to PDF file.

UPDF -53%: The best alternative to PDF Expert or Adobe Acrobat for Apple users?

UPDF vs Adobe Acrobat vs PDF Expert

Adobe Acrobat and PDF Expert also have this feature set. However, UPDF is more accessible to people without experienceespecially for the price of Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is actually a subscription of ~ 150€ per yearPro DC version is ~240€ per year. PDF Expert will cost you ~50€/year and only works on iOS and Macon the contrary’UPDF is almost half the price and costs you only $29.99 per year and works on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. Considering the features of these PDF editors, UPDF is a great alternative and cost-effective.

UPDF -53%: The best alternative to PDF Expert or Adobe Acrobat for Apple users?

In addition to the stark difference between supported platforms and pricing, there are also differences in the functionality of the programs. All PDF editors can open and view the PDF, but only UPDF can display it as a slideshow with speaker notes. Submission can be done directly through UPDF.

When commenting on PDFs, users can highlight, underline, underline, annotate, caption, and post-it text In PDF, but UPDF can also embed posts directly.

Another advantage of the program, UPDF’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to add rich text simple drag and drop.

Conversion from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, text, RTF, HTML, XML and images (PNG, JPEG, TIFF) is available in these three products.. However, so can UPDF Convert PDF to CSV, BMP and GIF.

Only Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has an OCR feature, which is a very advanced feature, but is found in UPDF.

UPDF -53%: The best alternative to PDF Expert or Adobe Acrobat for Apple users?

Although still features only found in Adobe Acrobat, UPDF is working hard to implement more features. Every week there is a new update that serves to implement new features and fix existing bugs. These frequent updates are also useful when a customer has suggestions for improving the editor.

What are you waiting for to try UPDF?

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