Space, drug shortages, crockery and sarcophagi: a catch-up session

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Hello to everybody

In this session’s program: we rediscover space, from the circle of the Earth to the limits of the universe. We also try to understand the shortage of medicines that hit France and look at the unknown sarcophagi discovered during the construction of Notre-Dame de Paris, not forgetting to visit the History shops for a better understanding. how we provided and fed ourselves in the past. Very nice listening ?! Peter Robert

Zoom of the week: let’s explore space

Night view of the Milky Way.
Night view of the Milky Way.

© Getty
– Suntill / Imazins

Since when has man been aware of the universe? To be a speck of dust lost in infinity? You need to proceed step by step. If exploring space is an ancestral dream, first of all it was necessary to imagine the Earth, to imagine a sphere. Then comes the solar system, the galaxy, and finally the universe. There, perhaps most of all, other forms of life have yet to be discovered.

? Cosmographs: Round like the Earth

(LSD, Documentary series, 1 hour)

? Cosmographers: they go to the cosmic horizon

(LSD, Documentary series, 1 hour)

? Nathalie Cabrol: Fish in the stars

(Naked sound, 5 x 29 min)

It’s in the news

According to ANSM, more than 300 products are out of stock.
According to ANSM, more than 300 products are out of stock.

© Getty
– Aitor Diago

? Where are the medicines and supplies? Since December, there has been a shortage of medicine in France. Due to the triple flu, Covid-19 and bronchiolitis epidemic in France, the tension on paracetamol and amoxicillin products continues. More than 300 are in supply voltage. But for what reasons?

(Science, CQFD, 58 min)

? Recession warning. The IMF and the World Bank warn of the risk of a global recession. The war in Ukraine continues to weigh on energy prices, inflation stalls and key rates rise. The planet appears to be on the brink of a slowdown that few countries can escape.

(Debate time, 38 minutes)

? Division of pensions. Whether the number comes from the unions or the police, one thing is certain: the mobilization against the pension reform project on January 19 was massive. The focus is on finance, but the debate also questions the place of aging in society and what retirement means today.

(Morning Guest, 42 min)

?? Kurds, angry people. Six months before the presidential elections in Turkey, the Constitutional Court cut off state aid to the pro-Kurdish HDP, some of whose leaders are in prison. The Kurdish minority is increasingly subjected to discrimination and violence by the state.

(World Cultures, 58 min)

“Come closer ladies and gentlemen! My programs are beautiful!”

Drawing "Market Woman" Arnout de Muyser (1590).
Arnout de Muyser’s painting “The Market Woman” (1590).

© Getty
– DeAgostini

One of the oldest “kitchen still lifes”, depicting market produce and tableware, these works are engraved on the 4,000-year-old vizier Senousret’s funerary stela. Food has always been a place of choice, whether it’s displayed in an art gallery or on stalls. From terroirs to markets, from princely kitchens to the heart of Les Halles, where and how did people buy food in the past?

? Packed, smoked: are terroirs born in markets?

(History course, 59 min)

?️ From Les Halles to the restaurant, history on the menu

(History course, 59 min)

? Color what you eat, eat what is painted

(Good Things, 28 min)

You have time

View of the sarcophagus of the Lone Horseman.
View of the sarcophagus of the Lone Horseman.

– Denis Gliksman / Inrap

You have 7 minutes

? Sensitive readers. New proofreaders are already at work in the Anglo-Saxon publishing sector, called “sensitivity readers.” Their role is to remove statements or situations in manuscripts that may harm ethnic or sexual minorities and cause controversy. (

Ongoing cases)

You have 3️⃣0️⃣ minutes

⚰️ Notre Dame sarcophagus. Inrap archaeologists found two lead sarcophagi at the intersection of the transept of Notre-Dame de Paris. An unexpected discovery reveals two characters: the rich prelate Antoine de la Porte… and the still anonymous rider!

(Carbon 14)

You have 1 hour

?️ The art of flight. The Parthenon frieze, Cleopatra’s bust and sarcophagi, the works exhibited in the world’s greatest museums, should perhaps not be there. Is human trafficking, looting and embezzlement only illegal?

(Don’t Dare to Ask, 58 min)

You have 3 hours (and notes on capitalism)

? Capitalism is being tested. From wealthy American banker Andrew Mellon, who used tax laws to better pass them, to the environmental scandals of multinational companies, to the trial of the former boss of the crypto platform FTX… This is the economic system that rules the world. his scandals.

(You hear the echo)

The weekend is finally here. Maybe take the opportunity to pose in front of the new hit HBO series: The Last of Us? Adapted from the video game, it tells the story of how human civilization collapses after a parasitic fungus gradually turns people into zombies. A scenario inspired by real parasites that can control their hosts, e.g

“Cordyceps” mushroom with ants. But don’t worry, for the moment, a person eats more “cordyceps” on the contrary. See you next week!

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