Seine-et-Marne: an artist opened a sophrology practice at home

Emmanuelle Le Roch, artist and sophrologist. ©Emmanuelle Le Roch

Emmanuelle LeRoche she is a passionate woman who loves to live with her two passions, painting and sophrology. A resident of Choisy-en-Brie (Seine-et-Marne), he got acquainted with sophrology a few years ago. But before we discover its history, we will tell you a little more about sophrology. It is a relaxation technique that promotes a good balance in the body, mind and emotions. It is a mixture of yoga, meditation, hypnosis and relaxation. The sophrology combines stretching, guided breathing and visualization exercises. “Sophrology is a complete method that combines several techniques,” says Emmanuelle Le Roch. So how did this woman get acquainted with sophrology?

It all started a little over five years ago, when Emmanuelle decided to start training in sophrology: “Long before starting this training, I was already interested in sophrology and personal well-being. Then I took courses for two yearsCatherine Aliotta School. I was able to train myself in several techniques such as EFT, which is an emotional release technique, sleep and even emotions.” It was then directly after its creation in 2016, Emmanuelle wants to start it herself: “I wanted to take painting lessons and also make a living from this second passion. The goal was to make sophrology my business. Yes, Emmanuelle is passionate about this method that combines softness and naturalness. “Sleep disorders, for example, can disappear with sophrology sessions. It prevents drug abuse. The goal of sophrology is, first of all, to feel better about yourself and your head, to be more relaxed and, above all, to learn to let go,” explains the sophrologist.

Located in Choisy

Two years have passed since the settlement of the sophrologist Choisy-en-Brie. He welcomes anyone who needs help with his experience at home. It offers several services depending on your concerns. Indeed, it is possible to work on sleep, stress, mental workload, exams, emotional management or even anxiety. “I can take a client with a sleep disorder or a person who needs to be compressed and released before an examination,” says Emmanuelle. If you are being followed by a doctor or psychologist, a sophrologist can accompany you and thus involve you more in your personal work.

“There are results”

Emmanuelle Le Roch, sophrologist

In addition to receiving in her office during the week, Emmanuelle is also at Coulommiers every Saturday during hotlines. It can offer its services both to individuals and to associations or institutions such as schools. If you live far away, it is possible to watch the session remotely via Zoom. Indeed, Emmanuelle regularly participates in remote sessions: “I have already done group sessions on Zoom, especially during detention. I’ve found that being at a distance works just as well as live sessions. I had my preconceived notions before covid, but the results are there and it works really well. To get a better idea of ​​what Sophrology is, Emmanuelle is offering you a new workshop soon.

Seminar on February 5

I decided to organize this online workshop to teach clients how to sleep better. During group interventions, I noticed that many people had sleep disturbances, difficulty falling asleep or waking up early in the morning. There are consequences when you sleep poorly. Sophrology has a place to improve sleep, “says the sophrologist. Indeed, sleep disorders can have significant consequences in a person’s life. Fatigue, anger, weight and health problems can appear. With a few breathing, visualization and relaxation techniques, sleep disorders can eventually disappear .

During this online workshop, Emmanuelle will make you fly over certain points related to sleep, such as the causes of sleep disorders or poor sleep tendencies. “We will focus on the tools and the participants will even be able to test them,” he said. At the end of this workshop, you will receive a PDF document with all the tools mentioned and relaxation videos. The techniques discussed can be repeated daily at home to improve your sleep. It is possible to enter the seminar from the age of 18 and it will last from 10:30 to 12:30. Sunday February 5. To participate, simply enter the name of the workshop on the Billetweb platform and sleep well with sophrology. To participate in this seminar, you need to 35 €.

For any other inquiries or appointments, you can contact Emmanuelle by phone, email or visit her website.

Videos: currently on Actu
Practical information: This kind. : 06 72 06 51 22. Email: [email protected] Experience: 1 rue de la Cité neuf, Choisy-en-Brie. Opening hours at Coulommiers: 36 avenue Victor Hugo

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