Save $130 on your portable power station with the Growatt VITA 550

Easy and accessible portable power has never been more important. Everyone has devices to charge, and a small power bank is often not enough to meet the needs of a group or even a particularly tech-savvy individual. This is where portable feeding stations come in.

What is the Growatt VITA 550 portable power station?

Growatt’s VITA 550 is designed to power your life wherever you go. Plug it into your Growatt solar panels or charge it at home and you’ll enjoy an impressive 538Wh capacity to charge all your devices.

Unlike a regular battery bank, a portable power station like the VITA 550 is equipped with standard AC outlets to power electronic devices that need up to 600W. This means you can take larger devices on your travels, including mini fridges and projectors.

It’s easy to talk about the highlights of the VITA 550, but we’ve broken down the key features and specifications of this new product for you to experience for yourself.

Growatt VITA 550 Key Features and Specifications

One of the biggest players in the solar industry, Growatt makes the best products on the market for those looking for portable power stations. You can expect cutting-edge features, incredible build quality and an effortless experience with Growatt products.

A great example of Growatt’s advanced features is its fast charging capability. Charging in just 1.6 hours, the Growatt VITA 550 uses a safe and reliable LiFePO4 battery that degrades more slowly than other battery types. This ensures you get plenty of juice from each charge, but how can this portable powerhouse top it?

  • Fast solar charging: The Growatt VITA 550 can charge using the power of the sun, provided you add some solar panels to the mix. With 99% MPPT efficiency, it will take about 2.5 hours to charge to 100% with solar panels under ideal conditions, which equates to minimal conversion loss. Combined with Growatt 240W solar panels, the VITA 550 offers the fastest solar charging speed in the industry for a power plant of this power. Such efficient solar charging makes outdoor adventures easier than ever.
  • 3000 cycle battery: Unlike other portable power stations, the VITA 550 is equipped with a battery that will withstand more than 3000 charge cycles. This means that you can continue to use your portable power station for 10 years without losing the power you purchased.
  • Network fast charging: The VITA 550 can be charged via a power outlet. It takes no more than 1.6 hours to go from 0 to 100% and the battery is protected throughout the process. No need to worry about bulky adapters or power bricks; The VITA 550 uses a single, easily replaceable cable.
  • Great capacity: The Growatt VITA 550’s 538Wh power makes it a great choice for those who need a large capacity portable power station that isn’t too heavy or too expensive.
  • 600W AC Outputs: Power large household electronics such as TVs, lights and mixers with the Growatt VITA 550’s 600W AC outputs. Growatt’s unique Watt+ feature allows the VITA 550 to use 600W to power electronic devices requiring up to 1050W, adding to the versatility and utility of an already feature-rich device.

As you can see, Growatt’s VITA 550 has many features that set it apart from its competitors. You can read more about this product on the Growatt website or continue reading to find out more.

Growatt VITA 550 specification

The above features describe the main advantages of the Growatt VITA 550, but they do not tell the whole story. As you can tell from these features, this portable powerhouse will easily meet the needs of most users.

Battery Specifications

  • We can: 538Wh
  • chemistry: LifePO4
  • Life cycle: 3000 cycles
  • System management: BMS

Input specification

  • charging with solar energy: 2.5 hours/240W
  • Efficiency of MPPT: 99%
  • AC load: 1.6 hours fast charging (500W), 3.5 hours slow charging (300W)

Output specification

  • AC outlet x3: 120V/60Hz/600W
  • Car socket x1: 13.2V, 132V
  • USB-A x2: 5V, 12V
  • USB-A fast charging x1: 5V/9V/12V, 18V
  • USB-C PD x1: 20V/12V/9V/5V, 100V
  • DC 5521 x2: 13.2V, 132V
  • Wireless charging x1: 15W

In addition to these specifications, the VITA 550 is equipped with a bright LED with SOS modes to keep you always safe. The portable power station is also well ventilated for battery cooling and uses the latest battery technology to ensure you are always safe when using this device.

The VITA 550 portable power station is under review

Growatt vita 550 with solar panels

The VITA 550 couldn’t be easier to operate. The device itself has intuitive controls accessible on the front panel, giving you access to information about your battery and the devices it powers.

In addition to built-in controls, you can also use the Growatt app to control the VITA 550 portable power station. Download the app, connect to VITA 550 using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and enjoy a wide range of functions.

A choice of different connection methods allows you to use the portable power station at home and on the go, but you don’t have to rely on your smartphone to store energy. If you prefer a disconnected experience, you can only rely on built-in controls.

Why choose Growatt for your portable power needs?

Founded in 2011, Growatt has quickly become a leading solar energy company since its inception. With more than 3 million customers worldwide, Growatt’s portable power stations offer winning features recognized by many. This company has been responsible for developing a number of cutting-edge solar technologies over the years, and its new line of portable power stations is no exception.

This range is backed by an effective 2-year warranty on all Growatt products. Your products are protected from malfunctions and other problems, giving you the peace of mind to explore the world and enjoy the benefits of a portable power station. Growatt’s VITA 550 is designed to last up to 10 years, giving you the freedom to use your device without worrying about it wearing out.

Growatt offers a range of residential solar power systems, including photovoltaic inverters, energy storage, EV chargers and more. provides. This puts the company in an excellent position to manufacture and supply portable power plants, leveraging its 11 years of experience in the field.

You can read more about Growatt’s achievements on the company’s website. In short, few brands can match the wealth of options and impressive quality offered by Growatt, and that’s a great reason to buy.

Growatt already offers great prices on its products, but you can get an even better deal with the Growatt VITA 550 Early Bird Sale. To celebrate the launch of this new product, Growatt is offering $130 off your purchase for a limited time.

From January 10, 2023 to January 31, 2023, Growatt’s VITA 550 will be available at a $130 discount for early birders. Visit the Growatt website during this period to receive the discount. So the VITA 550 goes from $529 to $429. Also, using a coupon code GroVita550you’ll save an additional $30, bringing the total price down to $399.

Don’t worry if you miss the early sale; Growatt products are already quite affordable and you can always get a good deal.

Choose the portable power station that is right for you

Choosing a product like a portable power station can be difficult without proper research. You need to make sure that the power plant you choose has the capacity and features that meet your needs, while also being safe enough for your family to use.

Growatt offers portable power stations that meet the expectations of most buyers. This gives you a great starting point for buying your first solar system, but you can also choose to start with a single power plant.

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