L’Art et la Main is a participatory event promoting craftsmanship

14th edition Arts and Crafts It will be held on Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29, 2023 harp farm. Led by nearly two dozen exhibiting artisans, this participatory event aims to pass on manual and technical know-how and re-evaluate the art of craftsmanship.

L’Art et la Main is a free event designed in two stages: a weekend of participatory workshops and demonstrations led by craftsmen and trade professionals; Two weeks before the event, workshops for schoolchildren to discover their handicrafts. With the red thread of transmission of mechanical and technical know-how.

Art and handthe genesis of the event

Manual and technical practices are the pillars of the 3 Honors Association and the original project of Harpe Farm. As part of its partnership with various stakeholders in Rennes, the Association is developing a long-term leisure offer around these experiences. They are intended for all audiences, especially for young people who want to discover their personal abilities as a basis for self-confidence, enjoyment of learning and adaptation to various professions. The association continues this process of collective reflection, knowledge transfer, and exchanges around hands-on experiences with a common theme of changing the way we view sometimes devalued trades. The aim is to unite the participants around this passion for technical and manual works and their improvement.

Lassociation 3 Sincerely, Leo Lagrange has always wanted to develop handicrafts with the aim of passing on know-how.

It has created an interesting and experimental toolbox of participatory workshops based on activism, commitment and volunteerism. Mechanical workshops, carpentry, boat repair, two-wheel workshops, metalworking, forging, electronics, woodcarving… La Ferme de la Harpe has always managed to preserve this spirit and passion for the manual. Over time, members, users, volunteers, employees wanted to emphasize and share all these skills, this know-how, passion for technical professions. This is the beginning of the Arts and Crafts event. “We wanted to highlight the handiwork available at Harpe Farm” says Alain Piederrière, former organizer of the metalworking workshop at Ferme de la Harpe and creator of the Arts and Crafts event.

The Association of Arts and Crafts is similar to 3 Leo Lagrange 2023

The first edition took place in 2009 and brought together about a hundred visitors

It was built to highlight the carpentry, metalworking, electronics, mechanics, and sculpture practices of our association, and at the same time, it gives the public the opportunity to discover many types of crafts, such as stone cutting, stained glass, and mosaics. Solidarity with the creation of collective works, mutual assistance between members, meeting between professionals and encouraging the intersection of experiences and being a relay of volunteer dynamics constituted the strong axis of the project. “What is important is one’s own gift, passion, will to transmit, the relationship between a knowledgeable person and a student around the same experience. Transfer of knowledge, lifelong learning, the main goal, basic principles of public education. »

Over time, the event became more open to the arts. Mechanics, raku, embroidery, basketry, pottery, sewing, stained glass, cardboard, mosaic, Bonsai, card making, modeling, graffiti, dolls, floral art, comics, jewelry, sketching, glass spinning, gyotaku, textiles, electronics, porcelain, collage , origami, weaving, linocut, ceramics, violin making, leather work, pop music -up, many disciplines and professions enriching the latest publications. That is why L’Art et la Main has developed and attracted more and more visitors every year, 1700 during the 2020 edition (over two days) and 600 people for the 2022 edition in the context of the health crisis and in one day. The weekend event reaches a very family audience.

14c the release will be held on Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29, 2023

The organization of the event is provided by volunteers from the association, gathered in committees and accompanied by employees. The 2023 edition will bring together about twenty exhibitors, artists and artists. From embroidery to floral art, carving to leather work, glass spinner to screen printer, artist to weaver, plastic art to soap making, plumbing to knives, metal sculptor to wood turner, wood, event is an opportunity. to discover, share and experience. Unions, collectives or cooperative projects or SSE also participate in Art and Hand, such as My Human Kit, Ili Cycle, Hispamebro, Comme un kurm, Furnish Mains, Arts en Ciel, Manual and Technical Culture, Curiosity smugglers. general theme of know-how transfer. This 14th edition will also highlight the culinary arts with a baker from AMAP Bioregard and the discovery of Vietnamese cuisine by a Beauregard resident.


The first hackathon offered at l’Art et la Main in 2022 was dedicated to the collective production of Robot. It brought together volunteers, volunteers and professionals for 48 hours to come up with innovative ideas with a common creative goal. Our challenge was to produce in 2 days an automaton robot that could be interacted with by designers, makers, tailors, welders, coders, hackers. Project documentation was implemented in real time. The Robot created during this hackathon was presented to the public at the end of the weekend. Over the weekend, about twenty people participated in the production of the Bender robot.

The hackathon project for the 2023 edition of Art and Hand will consist of a collective reflection and then renovation of a bus known to local residents (former parents/bus) but unused for 15 years.

Problem: After two days, inventory, cleaning and renovation of the bus will begin. The Hackathon will be based on teams of volunteers, residents and professionals according to their skills: mechanics, carpentry, interior design, exterior decoration, electrical, welding, insulation, as well as ideas about possible uses and functions of this bus.

Practical information

Organizer: Association 3 Sincerely, Leo Lagrange
Location: Harp Farm avenue Charles and Raymonde Tillon, 35000 Rennes

Free entry
Participatory workshops and demonstrations
Refreshments and refreshments on site

Website: https://www.3regards.com/artmain14/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/asso3regards

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