Handball – D2F: Yaëlle Morvan is always more attacking with HAC

The Bretons took another step this season. Previously confined to defensive duties, he is now Le Havre AC’s top scorer. The elite 25-year-old could afford it next summer.

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Catching the ball, support and then Yaëlle Morvan went directly to challenge the opponent, put all the power in the defense of Bouillargues to cross the opposing goalkeeper from close range and give HAC the victory, last Friday (29-28) . “The act should have taken a little longer, as there were about ten seconds left on the stopwatch, but Yaëlle didn’t hesitate to do it.saw Stéphane Pella again this week. Even a year ago, I’m sure he would have made the transition…”
“Absolutely! »as this decisive action easily acknowledges the player who has become one of the patrons of the sky and sea collective.

He doubled his scoring average

Inevitably, Yaëlle Morvan has been desperate in front of her own goal for several seasons now. Skilled item “send too heavy on defense”, in the words used by his coach. But over the past few months, the 25-year-old defender has seemingly taken on another dimension on the other side of the pitch, doubling his goals total from the previous two training sessions (from 2 to 4.4 per game). Louison Boisorieux (4.6), former top scorer of Liga Butagaz Energie resident today with Saint-Amand, close to the average (without 7-meter shots).

“There are several reasons for this.Stefan sees Pella. First, Louison (Boisorieux), Emily (Memory)even Sharon (Dorson)One of our main offensive weapons is no longer in the club. The brand was redistributed and because we didn’t have a goalscorer, especially on the left wing
… Yaëlle has proven herself, she takes more shots than in previous seasons. (6.4 per game). »

“You’ll be back soon”

After three-and-a-half years of partnership, the Brestois native is well-placed to judge the evolution of the native Brestois, who joined the HAC in 2017 as vice-captain. “When I arrived, Yaëlle was sometimes used on the wing, sometimes on the corner, sometimes at the back. When I saw that big lefty (1.81m)I said to him: you’ll be right back.
» To predict that he will be the best goal scorer in a few years from there? “I wouldn’t have signed with both hands, but he still sent some nice minas. There was something about it. »

“Stefan helped me gain confidenceHe thanked the player for his role after repeating his scales dozens of times. Foot orientation, toe placement… Very picky. » A long process that contributed to making Yaëlle Morvan who she is today “complete player” (Pelan). And paradoxically, it is not so easy to manage. “The challenge is to find the right balance in his use because his game requires a lot of energy in defense and attack. Know how to tell if a hood is smoking because it can’t stay put for 60 minutes. »

After five months, the contract ended

“I can’t rely on others in attack like before”, there is plenty of Breton, aware that he needs to spare the template sometimes exposed to injury. This is to extend a trajectory that could soon take him to the highest level. “If the LBE clubs were not interested in his profile, they would not understand anything”knows Pella about the player whose contract expires next June. “Maybe Yael Havrda got around the question”the technician said to himself. “I focused all my attention on YAKThe interested party, advised by his agent for several months, runs away. We have not had any talks with the club yet. » Which usually happens in February.

Clermont – HAC, Friday, 20 January 2023, 20.00.

Without Adja Paye at Clermont

HAC’s left winger, who touched his finger during the duel against Bouillargues, will miss the trip to Clermont this Friday, as will goalkeeper Victoria Alridge, who continues to nurse a sprained knee.

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