Exclude “merguez” with the Caradisiac 2023 checklist

For the past two years, the prices of second-hand cars have continued to rise. On average, they now sell 30% more than two years ago! But is that why the cars are of better quality? Not really. Therefore, it would be even more infuriating to see us “inflated” after the purchase when we invested a larger amount than expected.

To avoid this, here is the updated 2023 version of the Caradisiac Check-List. As the second-hand market has developed and there are now a large number of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, we have included a list of specific checks to be carried out for them. We always keep our eyes open for the rest, and the good one, okay?

Because the advice is always the same. Moreover, we have been repeating this to you tirelessly for many years: buy without trial! For used, of course more so for new, as the risks of failure are decidedly higher (although the car may become more reliable over time…).

In any case, this is a behavior that should literally be banned! Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often, especially since the emerging Covid-19 pandemic has seen a 100% acceleration in online car buying, both new and used. . With home delivery.

However, testing is still important. On the one hand, it allows you to see ahead and avoid many scams, especially when you buy from an individual (not only). Second, it allows, and this is important, To find out if the car you want is suitable for us and if you feel good behind the wheel. In the face of fait accompli, it is too late. And reselling in a disaster, losing money, is not the goal.

Test, “real”

It’s a test they put in place, worthy of the name, not “just” putting the seat back in the seat, turning the key and doing the district turn that St. Christoph is protecting us from this depravity… It’s better than that and it needs a plan of action.

A successful test drive isn’t just about getting in the car, hitting the road, and driving around the block. Ideally, it lasts at least 30 minutes and on any road. It’s not always easy, that’s true.

Therefore, since it is not easy to check everything before, during and after a “real” road test, Caradisiac first compiled in 2009 and regularly updates the “checklist” of scores. check it out. Some kind of basic check before buying…

You will find this year three separate lists : one for EVs and plug-in hybrids, one for classic checks and finally for new high-tech equipment. The latter will be almost useless for the oldest cases (except very high-end models, over 11/12 years old), but will be very useful for the latest ones, even if some items duplicate the general list.

You should print this list every time you go to test drive a car. To whom each check a verdict: good, average or bad, represented by a color. Or click OK or OK. And each box has a written instruction indicating a possible sensation or way to try it.

Of course, due to lack of time or unfavorable conditions, it will not always be easy to check all the items listed. However, the aim will be to record as many as possible to reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.

If it’s too red, run away!

In the end, you just have to keep the accounts. Everything is good in green, the car is a priori a good car and not a hot sausage. Up to 3-4 oranges and reds, doubt is allowed, but if the price is interesting, it can be bought (be careful, some reds are eliminators, they are marked with an asterisk) and finally, depending on your stamina level (or mechanics!), it’s best to go beyond two or three reds. The risk of dealing with a “merguez” is very high.

Also check out the new service offered by the government for free: Histovec. It allows you to download a used car history report, the number of consecutive owners, any expertise carried out after accidents and a number of other interesting information. It is up to the seller to take action using the information on the gray card. If it refuses, something is wrong with the chassis. Not a panacea, not a miracle document, but even with 5 owners, it allows you to verify that the seller did not give you cigarettes by saying that the car is first hand! (https://histovec.interieur.gouv.fr/histovec/home)

Buy second hand: throw away "merguez" With the Caradisiac 2023 checklist

2023 vintage WISH LIST

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Special listing for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Buy second hand: throw away "merguez" With the Caradisiac 2023 checklist

“Classic” checklist

Buy second hand: throw away "merguez" With the Caradisiac 2023 checklist

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Buy second hand: throw away "merguez" With the Caradisiac 2023 checklist

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