Biz Tweak is a platform that gives content control back to artists

Together with Filipe Santos and Marcello Bragadin, two of the four founders, David Santos and Christian Barbier, tell us about the evolution of their startup, especially the realization of a second fundraising to further develop in the European and international market. .

Poster Parisiennes: David Santos, can you tell us about your startup We Tweak, where you plan to raise the next round of funding?

David Santos : I have been active in the music industry for 20 years and have worn almost every hat from music composer to DJ, record label producer and organizer, international events manager. I was able to rub shoulders with a lot of musicians, nurture them, develop them, market them, and I realized that the system really needed to change. I myself have worked for our competitors today in terms of online content distribution. There’s a real lack of understanding on the part of artists about both the income and the transparency afforded to them and the opportunities that exist in the market today, especially the explosion of social media and all of that. demand and opportunities for leverage in terms of audio and new technologies.

New professions have emerged in Europe, but there are no offers matching the market demand. It is for this reason that four years ago we developed the project that is today called We Tweak. It enables content creators to distribute them, thus sound samples, audio libraries, and training to democratize access to knowledge of composition and music production in a more transparent and personalized model for our users. . Today, most distribution sites and various labels provide reports only after six months, which means that the artist has to wait a very long time before receiving the first income from the distribution and sometimes the token. Through We Tweak, we offer 50-80% of distribution revenue directly to artists and sound creators with 100% transparent and automated reporting. One of the goals of We Tweak is to give artists control over their content.

A.- P.: So this will be an impetus for music creation?

DS: To create a unique ecosystem for all players in the profession, whether they are not only accelerators, but also composers, artists, singers or even sound engineers. Everyone will be able to rub shoulders with the platform and discuss not only to distribute their library, but also to share their knowledge and promote their services in the segments they are active in, sometimes very targeted with our smart matching algorithms. according to the needs of each user. We don’t play by the same rules for pop or electronic music, so acts need to connect with the right people across all styles of music and benefit from almost personalized services.

Christian Barbier: One of the things about this 100% digital model is that when you have a service or a different value proposition, you often have a very low 1 to 2% audience engagement with your message. The power of We Tweak’s B to B model is that you are 100% in your target audience. With a subscription model, you’ll find all the music enthusiasts in this marketplace, whether they’re amateurs or professionals with tailored services. You will find only positive people dedicated to helping and contributing to improving the quality and quantity of the universal, peaceful music-making offering. In such a crystallized and geopoliticized world, this innovative music project, open to the world, enables those who live with music and those who want to consume it to come together around the same values.

A.- P.: David Santos, you are also a musician. Can you introduce yourself?

DS: I lived in Switzerland until I was sixteen and moved to Benelux where I started at the bottom of the pyramid until five years ago. I was able to experience all the activities in the music industry in 360 degrees. I also imported various European projects and concepts to Switzerland. I founded several record companies, which allowed me to understand what the needs of the artist and the market are today. In 2021, we participated in the prestigious competition for innovative Swiss startups by the Banque cantonale neuchâteloise (BCN). We won 1er Thanks to our digital business model and artificial intelligence (AI), it will soon be offered in our app to complement the offer and analysis in the creative market and help artists improve. Our technology will allow content creators to automatically compare their tracks or samples with existing tracks in the same segments. This is one of the values ​​of the platform, bringing new technologies to producers so that they can improve and continue to bring quality to the music of tomorrow.

CC: One of the features is to ensure the protection of our technology. Several patents have been granted to enhance the platform’s unique recipe and capabilities to meet user needs and find what they need faster and better.

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A.- P.: Christian Barbier, you are a specialist in finance and innovative projects. Do you participate as a supervisor in incubators?

CC: I was born into innovation in an export-oriented and micro-precision region. I have served on several boards, including a tech startup incubator. I founded my own value creation support company, which may require investing or being a member of the board of directors, as for We Tweak, to support startups or SMEs with strong international potential to succeed at the technological level. building partnerships or obtaining funding by creating an open and collaborative dynamic.

A.- P.: Have you already collected the first money?

CC: Thanks to the Innovation Award won last year, the startup was given 150,000 euros, which allowed it to change its name, develop a structure and raise 1 million euros in three weeks. Thus, we were able to focus on the technological development of the platform. After these first years of the test market, we managed to build an internationally reliable, secure and scalable “serverless” platform in 12 months, capable of hosting several hundreds of thousands or several hundred thousand users if the market reacts quickly. even millions of users. We Tweak already has customers in 150 countries around the world.

A.-P.: It is also a big European project because you have Jean-Michel Jarre on your advisory board. It’s nothing!

DS: It is truly an honor and a privilege to have the godfather and pioneer of electronic music actively supporting us for several months now. As a platform accelerator, we know the importance of being supported by him and his team. He confirmed the relevance of We Tweak and its potential. Even if the vision was born in Switzerland, it is a European project with a global appeal. One of the challenges of creating content is distributing it independently and freely. And today, many media outlets in the United States have the ability to unilaterally determine the rules of the game. If this project succeeds in the next stages of services to anticipate and meet the needs of its community, it will be able to implement a project for global, open, democratic media from Europe. It is a business model that must meet the needs of a community from below and open up to its users.

A.- P.: What do you expect from your next fundraiser?

DS: To maintain a strong growth rate. The ambition of this platform is to go fast enough to outperform the US-based market leader and maintain a very strong competitive position in Europe, the cradle of electronic music. When you are in a digital business model, you have to earn the trust of the community in the next two years. The necessary financial opportunities are available for three purposes: to improve the content and be better than what is currently being done, to provide quality services to create faster and better music, and finally to have the necessary resources to create partnerships, especially with schools, festivals, marketing support. Therefore, exploration resources and a fairly fast-growing ecosystem. Our main enemy is time. Is Europe able to finance a digital project on an international scale quickly enough, with the concept of value creation, without waiting for us to succeed? That’s the question.

A.- P.: What do you think the platform will bring to French artists or European artists in general?

DS: This will bring them a new source of inspiration, knowing that it will allow those who are not actors in music today to start working, save time and find solutions that allow them to be more creative. We Tweak gives an artist 360-degree access to all his needs and saves him a lot of time thanks to the simplicity of the interface as well as the content.

A.-P.: Do you expect help from state authorities in this field?

CC: Above all, the company is looking for financial partners who provide skills and support with various leverages. Today, we are looking for strategic investors to help us gain enough visibility in the market. We are in discussions with France 2030 for financial support and are preparing a file with the BPI. We are also about to acquire French-made technologies and project partners where we offer more global market perspectives and value creation potential than France. Our current French partners “public We Tweak.

A.- P.: Won’t the platform bother recording companies?

DS: No, because we are already partnering with them so that, on the contrary, they can create new income for their artists and themselves and grow with new distribution channels. This is a project based on reward and power that we really want to give back to the artists as well as the user. And record companies are also users and content generators of our open platform.

CC: We invite all members of the audio content creation community to join the We Tweak platform from March 2023 and 1.time version in the market according to their needs and desires. This is an invitation to be a part of the adventure.

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